The Etches Collection

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The Etches Collection
The Etches Collection building, Kimmeridge, Dorset.jpg
View of the building housing The Etches Collection from the main road in Kimmeridge
LocationKimmeridge, Dorset, United Kingdom
FounderSteve Etches
ArchitectKennedy O'Callagahan Architects[1]
View of the main gallery in The Etches Collection
The founder Steve Etches in the workshop at The Etches Collection

The Etches Collection (formerly known as the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life[2]) is a fossil museum in the village of Kimmeridge, Purbeck, Dorset, England.[3] It is based on the lifetime collection of Steve Etches from the local area on the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site, especially around Kimmeridge Bay and the Kimmeridge Ledges.

The museum building was opened in 2016 at a cost of £5 million to house a collection of over 2,000 fossil specimens.[4] Steve Etches had been collecting for over 30 years prior to the museum opening, and in this time he has amassed an important collection of fossils that form the basis of the collection.[5] The collection includes examples of ammonite eggs.[6] The museum is considered world-class.[7]

The museum uses social media such as Facebook[8] and Twitter.[9]

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