The Evpatoria Report

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The Evpatoria Report
Background information
Origin Switzerland
Genres Post-rock
Years active 2002–2008, 2015- present
Labels Shayo Records
Members Laurent Quint, Simon, Dilo, Fabrice, Daniel Bacsinszky

The Evpatoria Report is a Swiss post-rock band. The band was formed in January 2002, and it consists of two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a violinist/keyboardist. The Evpatoria Report have played concerts in Paris and toured throughout Switzerland, playing with bands such as Red Sparowes, The Appleseed Cast, and Mono.[1] The band was on a hiatus from 2008 and they announced their return to studio in April 2015.


70-m aerial P-2500 (RT-70 radio telescope) in Yevpatoria.

The band was formed in January 2002 and is named for the Crimean city Yevpatoria (romanized from Ukrainian as Evpatoria), in which the radio telescope RT-70 P-2500 is located. It sends messages into space, including A Message From Earth and Cosmic Call, that try to describe human life or "the Evpatoria message".[2]


  • Laurent Quint - guitar
  • Simon Robert- guitar
  • David Di Lorenzo - bass
  • Fabrice Berney - drums, glockenspiel
  • Daniel Bacsinszky - violin, keyboard


Studio albums


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