The F-Ups

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The F-Ups
Also known as The Fuck-Ups
Origin Rochester, Minnesota, United States
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1999–2006, 2009
Labels Capitol
Associated acts Hang 'Em High, Jesse and the Rippers, The Shift
Members Travis Allen
Chris DeWerd
Andy Collett
Taylor Nogo
Jared Ward
Nick Sacco
Alex Allen

The F-Ups were an American punk rock band from Rochester, Minnesota. They are best known for their song 'Lazy Generation' which was featured on NHL 2005 and Burnout 3: Takedown, being the theme song for Takedown.


The group formed in 1999 while its members were still in high school. Originally the band was named Mr. Completely, and just prior to signing with Capitol Records in 2003 changed the name to "The F-Ups." They came second in a high school competition, but took first place the next year. They began touring locally before signing with Capitol Records in 2003.[1] Their debut album, which featured a cover of Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes", was released in July of the next year to mixed reviews.[2][3][4][5][6]

The band drew lyrical influences from such experiences as laziness ("Lazy Generation", "I Don't Know"), rebellion against parents ("Look At Your Son Now", "Screw You") and even a Jerry Springer episode ("Crack Ho"). The group followed the album's release with appearances on the Warped Tour.[1]

In late 2006, the group broke up, and Allen, DeWerd and Collett re-formed as Hang 'Em High (see below). Hang 'Em High disbanded in 2014.

In early 2015 Travis Allen and Taylor Nogo (Nogosek) formed a new band called The Shift with new members Cole Ebertowski(Guitar/Vocals)and Daniel Johnson(Bass) They are currently playing shows locally and plan to record a full length album Starting in late October 2015.


The F-Ups
The F-Ups album cover.jpg
Studio album by The F-Ups
Released July 13, 2004
Genre Punk rock, pop punk
Length 29:52
Label Capitol
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating (4.2/5) 2/5 stars
Track listing
  • All lyrics written by The F-Ups.
  • All music written by Travis Allen, except on "All The Young Dudes", by Travis Allen and David Bowie.
  • Album title: Screw You
  1. "Lazy Generation" - 2:24
  2. "Screw You" - 2:34
  3. "Look At Your Son Now" - 2:44
  4. "Glad That I Lost You" - 2:27
  5. "I Don't Know" - 2:10
  6. "All the Young Dudes (Mott the Hoople cover)" - 3:06
  7. "Falling Down" - 3:35
  8. "Wrong The Right" - 2:24
  9. "Told You So" - 2:33
  10. "Eye For An Eye" - 2:12
  11. "Crack Ho" - 2:48
  12. "No No No" - 2:35



Hang 'Em High[edit]

Hang 'Em High
Origin Rochester, Minnesota
Genres Punk rock, Rock n roll
Years active 2006–2009, 2011 - present
Associated acts The F-Ups
Jesse and the rippers
Members Travis Allen
Jared Ward
Jesse Wolf
Past members Chris DeWerd
Bill Martin
Andy Collett
Mario Ortiz
Alex Allen

After The F-Ups break up in 2006, Travis Allen, Chris DeWerd and Andy Collett reformed with Bill Martin and Alex Allen (Travis' brother) as Hang 'Em High. Hang 'Em High released their debut album (called "Hang 'Em High") which is only available on Hang 'Em High's Myspace page. After the recording of their first album, Mario Ortiz replaced Chris DeWerd on rhythm guitar. With newly recruited member, they performed at various venues and also an online venue called "Deep Rock Drive". Hang 'Em High released several YouTube videos under the name of "Doctornoise". Polls on their official website show that the fans' favourite song is "Old School Fight Song" and the fans' second favourite song is "Not For Me". Bill Martin left the band in 2009 to begin a solo project. The band has finished in May 2009.

The band got back together at end of 2011 and released an EP titled "Back in Session" on March 27, 2012.


Hang 'Em High
Studio album by Hang 'Em High
Released January 1, 2008
Recorded 2007
Genre Punk rock, Rock and roll
Label Myspace download
Track listing
  • All music and lyrics written by Hang 'Em High.
  1. "Overwhelming"
  2. "Last To Fall"
  3. "Just Back Down"
  4. "One World"
  5. "Cabin Fever"
  6. "I Wanna Know"
  7. "Full Throttle"
  8. "Not For Me"
  9. "Old School Fight Song"
  10. "It's Alright"
  11. "Goodbye For Now"
  12. "Sincity Murder"
  13. "Just The Way We Are"
  14. "Fade To Red"


Back in Session
EP by Hang 'Em High
Released March 27, 2012
Recorded 2011
Genre rock n roll, High Energy Rock
Label Website download
Track listing
  • All music and lyrics written by Hang 'Em High.
  1. "Back in Session (Rock & Roll)"
  2. "Just Got Yourself to Blame"
  3. "One Night Stand"
  4. "Hitting the Bottle"
  5. "Wasting My Time" (On the CD e.p only)
Members 2011–present
  • Travis Allen - Guitar/ Lead Vocals
  • Jared Ward - Guitar/ Vocals
  • Jesse Wolf - Bass guitar/ Vocals
  • Alex Allen - Drums

The Shift[edit]


The Shift
Studio album by The Shift
Released March 2015
Recorded 2015
Genre Pop Rock, Rock and roll
Label Independent

Track listing
  • All music and lyrics written by The Shift.
  1. "Want You To Want"
  2. "Taking You Home"
  3. "Lay Down"
  4. "Dont Give Up"
  5. "This is it"
Members 2015–present
  • Travis Allen - Guitar/ Lead Vocals
  • Cole Ebertowski - Guitar/ Vocals
  • Daniel Johnson - Bass guitar/ Vocals
  • Taylor Nogosek - Drums


The song Lazy Generation was featured in NHL 2005 & Burnout 3: Takedown, with the song being the theme song of Takedown, but the line shit on a silver platter shines was changed to car on a silver platter shines.


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