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The F-Word
Type of site
Feminist website
Available inEnglish language
OwnerCatherine Redfern
Created byCatherine Redfern
Launched2001; 19 years ago (2001)

The F-Word is a UK-based feminist website founded by Catherine Redfern in 2001, initially as a forum for young feminists.[1] The F-Word [2] has since turned into a contemporary feminist website containing features, blog pieces and reviews on hot-topic feminist issues.

Aims and objectives of the F-Word are to provide a place for a new feminist voice, with analytical thinking on contemporary issues, and create a safe supportive environment for readers and contributors.

The website was originally named The F-Word to encompass the idea that feminism is seen as taboo for young women, with Redfern subsequently composing the website of all young women contributors. However, in 2003, the site changed its tagline from "young" to "contemporary",[3] welcoming contributors of all ages.[2]


  • Founder - Catherine Redfern
  • Current rotating editor - Genevieve Richardson
  • Editor at large - Jess McCabe
  • Treasurer - Lissy Lovett
  • Comedy and theatre editor - Lissy Lovett
  • Comics editor - Emily Zinkin
  • Features editor - Kathryn Creith
  • Regular content editor - Lusana Taylor
  • Visual arts editor - Alice Parkin
  • Fiction editor - Leah Cross and Zoe Turner
  • Film and TV editor - Alessia Galatini
  • Music editor - Sojourner McKenzie
  • Politics editor - Ciara Garcha
  • Podcasts editor - Vicky Wright
  • Picture editor - Jenny Williamson
  • Non-fiction editor - Olivia Logan
  • Social media - Fliss Alma
  • Contributing editor and blogger - D H Kelly
  • Contributing editor - Holly Combe
  • Contributing editor - Ania Ostrowska

The site[edit]

Current categories on the website are Politics, Film and TV, Stage, Books, Music and Life. The F-Word also features reviews of comics, art, books, comedy, events, films, magazines, music, television and theatre, along with hosting a blog containing posts from selected guests and regular writers.[2]

The blog was added to the site in 2005, covering a range of political and feminist topics of the time, including Harriet Harman's tip-of-the-hat for the deputy prime minister job, homophobic bullying, pornography, abortion and women's oppression in Iraq.[4]

The site was edited by Catherine Redfern 2001-2007 and Jess McCabe 2007-2013. It has functioned under a rotating editor system since 2013, with the editor changing yearly.[5]


In 2002, the site was "Highly Commended" by the Women in Publishing New Venture Awards and Redfern was named in The Guardian as one of 50 Women to Watch the following year.[5]

It was listed in The Guardian as one of The World's 50 Most Powerful Blogs in 2008.[5]


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