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The Fab Four
The Fab Four Tribute.jpg
Background information
Origin California
Genres Rock and roll
Beatles tribute
Years active 1997-Present
Labels Delta Ent. (Laserlight), New World Digital
Members Ron McNeil
Gilbert Bonilla
Tyson Kelly
Ardy Sarraf
Neil Candelora
Michael Amador
Gavin Pring
Rolo Sandoval
Joe Bologna
Luis Renteria
Erik Fidel

The Fab Four is a California-based tribute band paying homage to The Beatles. Founded in 1997 by Ron McNeil, John Lennon impersonator and President of The Fab Four Corp, the group began performing Beatles music throughout Southern California. Including Tuesday nights at a small venue called “Music City” in Fountain Valley, CA The band’s beginning included regular performances at Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace, The Hop and Scruffy O’Sheas.

The original group, which includes McNeil, along with Ardy Sarraf, Rolo Sandoval and Michael Amador, have performed together as The Fab Four for the past 12 years, covering nearly the entire Beatles songbook, plus solo material as well.

From 2005 - 2008, The Fab Four brought in a second cast of musicians to perform a full stage show six nights a week in Las Vegas . Performing as Fab Four Mania, the Vegas cast performed regularly in Sin City for four years at locations such as the Las Vegas Hilton,[1] The Aladdin, The Sahara[2] and The Riviera.[3]

This tribute has brought the music of The Beatles to many places including Japan, Malaysia, France, Hong Kong, The United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

The most common current group consists of McNeil, Gavin Pring, Sarraf, and Joe Bologna.

In 2013, the Fab Four received an Emmy Award for their PBS special filmed in 2012.[4]

Cast members[edit]

  • Ron McNeil — John Lennon
  • Gilbert Bonilla — John Lennon (stand-in)
  • Tyson Kelly — John Lennon (stand-in)
  • Ardy Sarraf — Paul McCartney
  • Frank Mendonca III — Paul McCartney (stand-in)
  • Neil Candelora — Paul McCartney (stand-in)
  • Gavin Pring — George Harrison
  • Doug Couture — George Harrison (stand-in)
  • Michael Amador — George Harrison (former)
  • David Brighton - George Harrison (former)
  • Joe Bologna — Ringo Starr
  • Luis Renteria — Ringo Starr (stand-in)
  • Erik Fidel — Ringo Starr (former)
  • Rolo Sandoval — Ringo Starr (former)
  • Frank Canino-John Lennon (former)
  • Jerry Hoban (deceased) — Ed Sullivan
  • George Trullinger — Ed Sullivan
  • Jeff DeHart — Ed Sullivan (stand-in)

Side projects[edit]


Formed by Ardy Sarraf, Wingsband is a Paul McCartney and Wings tribute act that covers many of McCartney's biggest, post-Beatles hits. The band features Ron McNeil as Denny Laine, Michael Amador as Henry McCullough and Rolo Sandoval as Joe English, plus a horns section led by Wendell Kelly (who has performed with many music acts, including The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston, to name a few), and singer/songwriter Christine Rosander as Linda McCartney. Both Laurence Juber, Wings guitarist from 1978–1981, and Denny Seiwell, the original Wings drummer from 1971–1973, have performed onstage with Wingsband at The Grove in Anaheim, CA.

George Harry’s Son[edit]

George Harrison impersonator and Liverpool native, Gavin Pring, created an act called George Harry’s Son to celebrate Harrison’s solo material, as well as his hits from the Beatle years. Pring has brought this act to the top Beatles music festivals including the annual Beatleweek in Liverpool[5] at the Mathew Street Festival and Abbey Road on the River in the United States. Pring also performed on the same stage as Paul McCartney in 2002 for the tribute show held on Harrison’s birthday.


In 2007, The Fab Four was approached by Eric Idle from the British comedy group Monty Python, to perform a set of shows celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Rutles, which was a Beatles parody group formed in 1975 by Idle and Neil Innes. The show featured McNeil as Ron Nasty (originally played by Innes), Sarraf as Dirk McQuickly (Idle), Amador as Stig O’Hara (Ricky Fataar) and Sandoval as Barry Wom (John Halsey), and was performed multiple nights in both Los Angeles[6][7] and New York.[8][9]

Yellow Submarine movie remake[edit]

In 2010, The Fab Four was cast to do the motion-capture performance footage for director Robert Zemeckis' 3-D remake of The Beatles animated film classic, Yellow Submarine. The movie was set to be released sometime in 2012, but Disney canceled the project when Zemeckis' film Mars Needs Moms performed poorly in the box office and critics' reviews of Zemeckis' animations were mostly negative.[10][11][12][13]

Notable appearances[edit]


  • Ron McNeil – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica
  • Ardy Sarraf – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar
  • Michael Amador – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Sitar
  • Rolo Sandoval – Vocals, Drums, Percussion

All songs were arranged, performed, recorded and produced by The Fab Four.

A Fab Four Christmas: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute, Vol. 1[edit]

Release Date - October 16, 2002
Label - Delta Ent. (LaserLight)

  1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (I Saw Her Standing There) - The Fab Four, Marks, Johnny
  2. Joy to the World (Please Please Me) - The Fab Four, Mason, Lowell
  3. Feliz Navidad (And I Love Her) - The Fab Four, Public Domain
  4. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Help!) - The Fab Four, Mendelssohn, Felix
  5. Away in a Manger (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away) - The Fab Four, Traditional
  6. Good King Wenceslas (Tell Me What You See) - The Fab Four, Neale, John M.
  7. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Baby's in Black) - The Fab Four, Sears, Edmund Hamil
  8. Winter Wonderland (Honey Don't) - The Fab Four, Bernard, Felix
  9. Frosty the Snowman (Mr. Moonlight) - The Fab Four, Nelson, Steve [2] E
  10. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Eight Days a Week) - The Fab Four, Styne, Jule

Have Yourself a FAB-ulous Little Christmas[edit]

Release Date - October 16, 2002
Label - Delta Ent. (LaserLight)

  1. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (When I'm Sixty-Four) - The Fab Four, Coots, J. Fred
  2. Silent Night (Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)) - The Fab Four, Gruber, Franz
  3. The Christmas Song (Here, There, and Everywhere) - The Fab Four, Torme, Mel
  4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Within You, Without You) - The Fab Four, Traditional
  5. The Little Drummer Boy (Sun King) - The Fab Four, Davis, Katherine
  6. Dear Santa (Oh! Darling) - The Fab Four, Hudson, Mark
  7. What Child Is This? (While My Guitar Gently Weeps) - The Fab Four, Dix, William Chatte
  8. Blue Christmas (Revolution 1) - The Fab Four, Hayes, Bill
  9. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Got to Get You Into My Life) - The Fab Four, Marks, Johnny
  10. Jingle Bells (Tomorrow Never Knows) - The Fab Four, Pierpont, J.S.


In 2008, every song from both albums were digitally remastered and released on a single album titled "HARK!" ; available on Amazon, iTunes, and The Fab Four's official website. The compilation includes a rendition of "Sleigh Ride" and "The First Noel" in the style of "Lady Madonna" and "Let It Be" respectively.


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