The Failing of Raymond

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The Failing of Raymond
Written byAdrian Spies
Directed byBoris Sagal
StarringJane Wyman
Dean Stockwell
Dana Andrews
Paul Henreid
Murray Hamilton
Music byPat Williams
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)George Eckstein
CinematographyBen Colman
Editor(s)John Kaufman, Jr.
Running time73 minutes
Production company(s)Universal Television
Original networkABC
Original releaseNovember 27, 1971

The Failing of Raymond is a 1971 American made-for-television psychological thriller film starring Jane Wyman (in her television film debut), Dean Stockwell, Dana Andrews, Paul Henreid and Murray Hamilton. It aired as the ABC Movie of the Week on November 27, 1971.[1]


Raymond is a deranged young man who escapes from a psychiatric hospital with a plot to exact revenge on his former teacher, whom he believes unjustly failed him on a high school exam 10 years earlier. From the moment he failed the exam, Raymond's life began a downward spiral for which he blames the teacher, Mrs. Mary Bloomquist.

As Raymond stalks Mary on the eve of her retirement, the authorities are trying to find him, but they have no idea where he is going. In spite of the voices is his head and a maladjusted personality, Raymond does not seem especially threatening. Nonetheless, Raymond's instability becomes clear when he traps Mary at her school while she is packing her belongings. He then forces Mary to give him the same test he took 10 years earlier and as he is about to tighten a garotte around her neck, she apologizes for failing him, not on the exam, but as a teacher. With that, she offers to teach him the material he missed on the exam, and he drops the garotte to sit at one of the school desks. Mary tells Raymond that she will teach him at the psychiatric hospital and she also decides that she will not retire from teaching.


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