Fairy Tale Killer

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Fairy Tale Killer
The Fairy Tale Killer poster.jpg
Directed by Danny Pang Phat
Produced by
  • Alvin Lam
  • Danny Pang
  • Dong Peiwen
  • Zhang Zhao
  • Cheung Hong-tat
  • Ren Yue
Written by
Cinematography Decha Srimanta[1]
Edited by Curran Pang[1]
Release dates
  • 11 May 2012 (2012-05-11) (Hong Kong)
Running time
93 minutes[1]
Country Hong Kong

Fairy Tale Killer (追凶, Pupil in Chinese) is a 2012 Hong Kong horror film directed by Danny Pang Phat.[2] The film was released on 11 May 2012 and stars Lau Ching-wan, Wang Baoqiang, and Elanne Kwong.[3][4] The Fairy Tale Killer follows police detective Han as he investigates a series of brutal murders.[5]


When a bloodied and incoherent Jun (Wang Baoqiang) confesses to five murders that have not occurred, the police assume that he's mentally unstable and ignore his claims. Police detective Han (Lau Ching-wan) is investigating a series of gruesome murders, but soon discovers that all is not as it seems and that not only are the murders connected, but that Jun is tied to them in some way.



The movie review site Twitch panned the film, expressing disappointment in the acting range of Wang Baoqiang in the film.[6] The Xinhua News Agency praised the film's acting, but criticized the film's ending as too bizarre and not always coherent.[7]


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