The Fall of the Stone City

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The Fall of the Stone City
The Fall of the Stone City.jpg
First edition cover showing Moche burial mask from Peru, A.D. 525–550.
AuthorIsmail Kadare
Original titleDarka e gabuar
TranslatorJohn Hodgson
Genrehistorical fiction, political fiction
Publication date
Published in English

The Fall of the Stone City (Albanian: Darka e gabuar) is a 2008 novel by the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare. Apart from winning the Rexhai Surroi Prize for the best book of the year, in Kosovo;[1] the novel was also shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2013.[2]


Kadare had previously written about his home city Gjirokastër in his earlier novels Chronicle in Stone and A Question of Lunacy.[3]



Characterizing it as "a masterful recuperation" from Kadare's previous novel The Accident, Peter Carty from The Independent went on to describe it as "an outstanding feat of imagination delivered in inimitable style, alternating between the darkly elusive and the menacingly playful.".[4]

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