The Family Channel (U.S. TV network)

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The Family Channel
TypeBroadcast television network
CountryUnited States
AvailabilityNationwide via OTA digital television
(covering 21% of the U.S.)[1]
Luken Communications
Launch date
December 15, 2008 (as My Family TV)
December 2013 (as The Family Channel)
Former names
My Family TV
Faith TV
Official website
ReplacedFaith TV

The Family Channel is an American general entertainment television network owned by Luken Communications, and based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.[2][3]


In September 2008, ValCom announced that they would purchase the assets of Faith TV, relaunching it as a more broadly-distributed family television network.[4] On December 15, 2008, ValCom deal to purchase Faith TV closed and they relaunched Faith TV as My Family TV.[5] On October 1, 2009, ValCom completed the purchase of the network after making its final $250,000 payment.[6] The network had no connections with the similarly-named Fox Television Stations-owned MyNetworkTV programming service.

Logo of My Family TV, the former incarnation of "The Family Channel"

On March 22, 2011, ValCom announced that My Family TV would become a joint venture with Luken Communications.[2][3] Many of the programs seen on My Family TV, such as Route 66, Lassie, Highway to Heaven and Daniel Boone also aired on sister network RTV.

In December 2013, Luken Communications rebranded MyFamilyTV as The Family Channel.[7] "The Family Channel" name was formerly used by the former Christian Broadcasting Network-owned cable channel that has since become Freeform in January 2016; outside of some shared public domain programming once aired in the CBN/Family Channel era of Freeform, the two networks have no relation to each other.


City Station Virtual
Owner Comments


Birmingham WSWH-LD 46.3 46 Luken Communications
Fayette WSSF-LD 51.5 15 Ettie Clark
Berry WSFG-LD 51.5 38
Opelika, Alabama WQMK-LP 18.2 18 Ben Jordan
Scottsboro WNAL-LD 32.1 31 Luken Communications


Lake Havasu City KLHU-CD 45.1 45 Jensen Media Group


Bentonville K28NT-D 48.1 28 Victory Communications
Monroe-El Dorado KCIB-LD 5.1 5 Immanuel Baptist Church


Fresno KSDI-LP 33.2 44 Cocola Broadcasting
Redding KGEC-LD 26.3 26 Cooper Communications
San Jose KAXT-CD 1.2 42 KAXT LLC


Cortez K26CI-D 27.3 26 Southwest Colorado TV Translator Association
Denver KHDT-LD 16.5 16 Syncom Media Group


Inglis-Yankeetown WYKE-CD 47.1 47 Citrus County Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.
Orlando WRCF-CD 29.1 35.3 LocusPoint Networks
WSWF-LD 10.1 45 Mundial Media Productions
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale WPMF-CD 38.1 38 Prime Time Partners, LLC
St. Augustine/Jacksonville WQXT-CD 28.6 28 A1A TV, Inc.
Tampa/St. Petersburg WDNP-LD 36.1 36 Luken Communications


Atlanta WANN-CD 32.6 29 Prism Broadcasting Network
Augusta WBPI-CD 49.1 49 Watchmen Broadcasting
Dalton WDNN-CD 49 49 North Georgia Television
Summerville WKSY-LD 21.2 22 Audio Graphics, Inc.


Twin Falls KCTF-LP 45 45 Christian Broadcasting of Idaho, Inc.


Evansville WYYW-CD 15.2 15 Evansville Low Power Partnership
Indianapolis WSOT-LD 27.1 27 Sunnycrest Baptist Church


Wichita KSMI-LP 51.2 51 Great Plains Television Network
Garden City/Sublette KDGL-LD 23.4 23 High Plains Broadcasting


Harlan WAGV 44.4 51 Living Faith Ministries
Paducah-Cape Girardeau WUWT-CD 26.2 26 Harpole Telecom, Inc.


Hammond WSTY-LP 23.1 23 Ponchatrain Inverstors, LLC
Lake Charles KYHT-LD 43.3 43 GGAV Media Corporation
McComb, MS WEAZ-LD 36.1 49 Luken Communications


West Branch WUWB-LD 20.4 20 M33 Media, LLC


Cleveland/Greenwood WPYM-LD 38.1 38 Luken Communications


Glasgow K20JS-D 20.1 20 Valley County TV District #1
Fort Peck K47CY-D 47.1 47


Pahrump KPVM-LP 46.3 46 Vernon Van Winkle

New York[edit]

Gloversville WFNY-CD 48.2 48 Michael Sleezer

North Carolina[edit]

Raleigh WAUG-LD 8.2 8 St. Augustine's University


Cottage Grove/Eugene K44JP-D 44.4 44 South Lane Television, Inc.


Erie WLEP-LD 9.2 9 Kevin Bae
Charleroi WWAT-CD 45.1 45 Local Media TV

Puerto Rico[edit]

Arecibo WMEI 14.2 14 Max Media
Ponce WQQZ-CD 33.2 30

South Carolina[edit]

Greenville WGGS-TV 16.2 16 Carolina Christian Broadcasting
Myrtle Beach WTNG-CD 14.3 14 Dilicast Broadcast Services


Knoxville, Tennessee WKXT-LD 34.1 34 Luken Communications


Beaumont KAOB-LD 27.3 27 C. Dowen Johnson
Crockett/Tyler KIVY-LD 16.2 16 Leon Hunt
Houston KUGB 28.5 28 Frequency Communications, Inc.
Wichita Falls K24HH-D 24.3 24 Christian Family Television Network, Inc.


Cedar City KCSG 14.2 14 Southwest Media, LLC
Kanab K28IT-D 6.1 28 Western Kane County Service District
Logan KUTO-LD 15.2 15 Soule Video Productions

West Virginia[edit]

Bluefield WLFB 40.4 40 Living Faith Ministries
Huntington WJOS-LD 58.1 45 William A. Barnhardt


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