The Family Tree

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The Family Tree
Genre family drama
Created by Carol Evan McKeand
Starring Anne Archer,
Frank Converse
Opening theme Mark Snow
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Carol Evan McKeand
Nigel McKeand
Deanne Barkley
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) The Tree Company, Inc.
Saracen Productions
Comworld Productions
Original network NBC
Picture format Film
Original release January 22, 1983 (1983-01-22)

The Family Tree is an American 1983 television series that aired on NBC. Its pilot episode was a made-for-television movie called The Six of Us, broadcast a year before.


Annie Benjamin (Anne Archer) a divorced woman with three children, who worked part-time selling real estate, meets and then marries Kevin Nichols (Frank Converse); a divorced owner of a lumber company with grown children of his own. Annie's children, who all lived with their mother, include oldest son, Sam (Martin Hewitt); Tess (Melora Hardin); and Toby (Jonathan Hall Kovacs) who is deaf. On Kevin's side of the family, he has, besides his teenaged son Jake (James Spader), a grown daughter, Molly Tanner (Ann Dusenberry), who herself was already married. Jake lives with his mother, Elizabeth (Joanna Cassidy); and Annie's children are still very close to their father, Dr. David Benjamin (Alan Feinstein). Much of the stories focus on the problems of the Benjamin children adjusting to Kevin being their stepfather. Of all three of Annie's children, it was Toby, the youngest, who was perhaps most upset about his mother's divorce from his father.


Episode Guide[edit]

Episode Summary
Pilot Notes: The Six of Us pilot television film was released in 1982 and was completely recast in compare with the series (accept from Jonathan Hall Kovacs).
Episode 1 Annie becomes overprotective of Toby when the house is burglarized while he's home alone; Sam resents Kevin's role as the man of the house.
Episode 2 Annie decides to attend an out-of-state funeral with her first husband against Kevin's wishes; Tess falls for a dancer.
Notes: Guest-starring Michael Cummings as Dance Studio Owner.
Episode 3 Jake becomes romantically involved with Annie's best friend; Kevin avoids the task of learning sign language.
Notes: Guest-starring Cassie Yates as Elise.
Episode 4
Episode 5 Kevin tells his ex-wife that he is no longer legally bound to support her; Tess sneaks out on a date.
Notes: Guest-starring Joanna Cassidy as Elizabeth Nichols.
Episode 6 Kevin's daughter shows up after leaving her husband; Tess's father offers a lame excuse to avoid coming to her birthday party.
Notes: Guest-starring Ann Dusenberry as Molly Nichols Tanner and Alan Feinstein as Dr. David Benjamin.

Notes: Guest-starred in unknown episode(s) Jonathan Perpich as Mike Taylor and Richard Molinare.[1]

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