The Farmer's Wife (women's magazine)

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The Farmer's Wife
EditorF.W. Beckman
CategoriesWomen's magazine
Total circulation
Year founded1897
Final issue1970
CompanyWebb Publishing Co.
Based inSt. Paul, Minnesota

The Farmer's Wife was a monthly women's magazine published in St. Paul, Minnesota.[2]

First published in 1897 and ending as an independent publication in 1939, it offered advice about farming, housekeeping and cooking, also publishing fiction. At its peak, it had well over a million subscribers nationally.[1][3]

The magazine was established by Webb Publishing Company, which was founded by Fargo, North Dakota newspaperman Edward A. Webb. The company moved to St Paul, Minnesota in 1890. The company continued to grow, eventually becoming one of the largest agricultural publishers in the United States.[4]

The Farmer's Wife was sold to Farm Journal in 1939. This continued to publish the magazine bound into the back of the title with its own cover until 1970.[1]


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