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The Federation
Also known asFederation
OriginFairfield, California
Years active2002 – present
Associated acts
MembersDoonie Baby

The Federation is an American hip hop group from Fairfield, California. The group was formed in 2002, composed by producer Ricardo "Rick Rock" Thomas and consists of three rappers: Anthony "Goldie Gold" Caldwell, Marvin "Doonie Baby/Doon Koon" Selmon and Thomas "Stressmatic" Jackson. The group released their debut studio album in 2004 on Virgin Records and their sophomore album through Reprise Records in 2007, which is, to date, their recent effort.


Rick Rock and Doonie Baby’s friendship and collaborative work dates back to the early ‘90s in Alabama, where they recorded as two-thirds of the group Cosmic Slop Shop along with Big Lurch. At age 16 and using a wheelchair after being shot, the Nevada-born, Fairfield/Vallejo-raised Federation member Goldie Gold met Rick Rock at a local mall, impressing Rock with his rapping skills.[1] In 2002, Rick Rock recruited Doonie Baby, Goldie Gold, and Mr. Stress to form the group.[2]

The group debuted on Vallejo producer Mike Mosely's 2002 release Major Work: The Soundtrack with the Rick Rock-produced track "The Sickness", which sampled Art of Noise's 1983 song "Moments of Love". Their first single "Hyphy", featuring E-40, debuted in 2003, the title was based on a slang term established by Keak the Sneak in the 90s Bay Area hip hop music. Hyphy became an instant hit in the Bay Area. The song even induced a riot when The Federation performed "Hyphy" during halftime of the AND1 Live Tour at Oracle Arena in June 2004. On the strength of "Hyphy" and their second single "Donkey", the group's self-titled debut album was released under Virgin Records to critical reception. In 2005, Rick Rock signed the group under Reprise Records, releasing the group's follow-up album It's Whateva in the summer of 2007.[2]

In 2009, Stressmatic was featured in an interview in the book How to Rap, along with several other rappers, including E-40, Nelly, Tech N9ne, Twista, Pusha T, Styles P,, DJ Quik, Kool G Rap, N.O.R.E. & Chuck D.



Year Album Peak chart positions
U.S. U.S. R&B
2004 Federation: The Album
  • Released: October 5, 2004
  • Label: Virgin
200 51
2007 It's Whateva
  • Released: June 26, 2007
  • Label: Reprise


Year Title Album Peak position
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
2003 "So Crazy"[3] The Federation
"In Love With a Hood Rat"[3]
2004 "Hyphy" 88
"Go Dumb" 95
2006 "I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night"[3][4] Recognize the Bay, Vol. 2[5]

Featured singles[edit]

Members of the Federation have also appeared on many other songs by other Bay Area rappers, some of which received radio airplay locally. Their appearances are highlighted in bold.

Year Title Artist Album
1998 Legit Hustlas Killa Tay (featuring Laroo, Doonie Baby & Lil Ric) Mr. Mafioso
2000 I Go Wit It The Yay Boyz (featuring The Federation & Turf Talk) NoseBleed Muzik
Go Ignant The Mossie (featuring E-40, Turf Talk & The Federation) The Bay Area Bridges Compilation
2002 Stay Tight Chuck Nutt (featuring Doonie Baby) Give It Up for 1 Nutt 2 Many
Lock & Load Chuck Nutt (featuring Stressmatic & Shill Mac)
Mind Gone Chuck Nutt (featuring Stressmatic & Ant Dogg)
Off the Wall Camp I.D. (featuring Stress, Maguiver & Steff) What Cha Don't Know Won't Hurt Cha
Gangsta, Gangsta Camp I.D. (featuring Stress, Maguiver & D&C)
2003 Gasoline E-40 (featuring Doonie & Turf Talk) Breakin' News
2004 West Up Poppi Cas (featuring Mugzi & Stressmatic) Lifestyles of the Disobayish
We Gangsters PSD (featuring Eldorado Red & Doonie Baby) Boss Ballin' the Next Line of Hitters
Big Things Turf Talk (featuring Kaveo & Doonie Baby)
Top of Lolo's Kilo (featuring Goldie Gold, Undaflow, The Mayor Manky & Runaway)
Give Me Love Undaflow (featuring A2thaK, Akada & Stressmatic)
Gunz Pop Laroo T.H.H. (featuring Husalah & Stressmatic) Bay Area Muscle - A True Story
Hall of Fame Laroo T.H.H. (featuring Lil Ric & Doonie Baby)
Tycoonin Laroo (featuring Keak da Sneak & Doonie Baby) Hood Journal
Fed Game Poppi Cas (featuring Stressmatic)
It's Ah Slumper Turf Talk (featuring E-40 & Stressmatic) The Street Novelist
24 Feelin' Way O.G. Turf Talk (featuring E-40 & Goldie Gold)
Head Bust Turf Talk (featuring E-40 & Goldie Gold)
Gas, Break, Dip E-40 (featuring The Federation) The Best of E-40: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
2005 I Got Grapes Nump (featuring E-40 and The Federation) The NUMP Yard
Shake Yo Helmet Automatic (featuring Dirty Mackin and Goldie) Paving The Way
Run Yo' Mouth Ya Boy (featuring Goldie, Boo Banga, R-Geezy & Infamous JD) Rookie of the Year
Cars, Clubs, Whatever Nasty Nate (featuring The Federation) Custom Made
Whatugonedo? Celly Cel (featuring Stressmatic) It'z Real Out Here
Scrape with Me Celly Cel (featuring Juvenile & The Federation)
2006 15's Skrillz (featuring C-Bo, Goldie Gold & Streetz) The Bay Movement
Bay Blindness Laroo T.H.H. (featuring The Federation) Timeless Music
Da Streets Laroo T.H.H. (featuring Keak da Sneak, Luni Coleone & The Federation)
Bay Bidness Laroo T.H.H. (featuring The Federation) Push tha Line
Rap Bully Laroo T.H.H. (featuring Doon Koon)
Thizz Face Laroo T.H.H. (featuring Turf Talk & Doon Koon)
Good Times Laroo T.H.H. (featuring Keak da Sneak, Goldie & Luni Coleone)
Peecoat Laroo T.H.H. (featuring The Federation)
Rush the Bar The Mossie (featuring Goldie Gold & Stressmatic) Soil Savvy
Thick The Mossie (featuring Stressmatic)'
Pink Panther The DB'z (featuring Doonie Baby) Speakin' In Mannish
Yes The DB'z (featuring Stressmatic)
Them Boyz in the Scrapaz The DB'z (featuring Stressmatic & Honey)
Get on the Floor The DB'z (featuring Doonie Baby)
Scrape Scoot Big Rich (featuring Stressmatic & J-Dubb) Block Tested Hood Approved
Go Hard or Go Home E-40 (featuring The Federation) My Ghetto Report Card
Gouda E-40 (featuring B-Legit & Stressmatic)
Block Boi E-40 (featuring Miko and Stressmatic)
Ride and Scrape THC (featuring The Federation) Mob Report
Switchin' Lanes Droop-E & B-Slimm (featuring Stressmatic & Choppa of Making the Band) The Fedi Fetcher & the Money Stretcher
Surf Droop-E & B-Slimm (featuring Stressmatic)
I'm In the Streets Eldorado Red, Rick Rock East Side Rydah, Vol. 1
Go All Out Plain of 591 (featuring Turf Talk, Goldie & Fiji Bo) The Main Event
My Cutlass Luni Coleone (featuring Guce, Keak da Sneak & Doonie Baby) Global Recall
Hands N' de Air Honest Bob (featuring The Federation & Kaz Kyzah) Boss Game
Turf Dancing DJ Shadow (featuring The Federation) The Outsider
Gettin My Dough Cashis (featuring The Federation) Gutta Muzik 2
A Man That Goes[6] Selau (featuring Goldie Gold) Recognize the Bay, Vol. 2[5]
2007 Wit tha S**t Bueno (featuring Goldie Gold) The Sacramento B
Recognize Cencere (featuring Cutthroat of Goodfelonz, Gabz, Geez & Goldie) Pay Me or Pay Me No Attention, Vol. 1
Go Girl Tito B (featuring Lil Coner & Goldie Gold) Starz the Limit
Hyphy Cat Bumbalo (featuring Mistah F.A.B. & Goldie Gold) Bumbalo
Shoot Dat Dummy Juice! J-Dub Luciano (featuring Goldie Gold) Mandatory Hyphy, Vol. 1
Shake Yo Helmet Automatic (featuring Goldie Gold & Dirty Mackin') Paving the Way
Out of Control Automatic (featuring Goldie Gold)
On Who? Gutta Mob (featuring Stressmatic) Gutta or Nuttin'
Hard So Official (featuring Droop-E, E-40 & Stressmatic) So Official'
Tap Dance So Official (featuring Goldie Gold & Stressmatic)
Shots Go Off Carlo Sauce (featuring Goldie Gold) Gunsmoke and Mirrors
Game By the Throat Don Greco (featuring Undaflow, Goldie Gold & Stressmatic) The Movement
Northern Cali Don Greco (featuring C-Bo & Goldie Gold)
Soak Game Don Greco (featuring Doonie Baby, The Jacka & Jimmy Roses)
Here We Go Again Don Greco (featuring The Jacka, Goldie Gold & Benny Blanco)
I Know People Don Greco (featuring Big Nige, Doonie Baby)
A & T's Don Greco (featuring Kurupt & Goldie Gold)
Comin' 4 U Don Greco (featuring A-Bless & Doonie Baby)
Foot 2 the Floor Amir/500 (featuring Goldie Gold)
2008 Throwin' Sev'z Up Zipper Louie (featuring Doonie Baby) Ghetto Graduite, Vol. 2
Get Money Hustle Boys (featuring Doonie Baby) Freshman Rookies of the Year
Respected Bugzy (featuring The Federation) No New Jack
Lose My Number Nump (featuring Goldie Gold, Ray Rydah & Rae) The Frat House Mixtape, Vol. 1
Oh Okay JPIGG (featuring Marty James & Goldie Gold) Advent Musik
Spillin' My Drink Roscoe Umali (featuring The Federation) I Love My DJs, Vol. 2
Blaaw!!! Roscoe Umali (featuring Stressmatic & Young Keno)
Gotta Get This Paper Roscoe Umali (featuring Young Keno, Damani, Stressmatic & Wali Ali)
Quit Actin' Like Roscoe Umali (featuring Rob G & Stressmatic)
Day In, Day Out Late (featuring Jon Conners, Lo-Key, Stress, Brick Savvy, Famoso & Mokeout) 20 Thousand & Late
For the Mob The Jacka (featuring The Federation) The Street Album
2009 What You Drinkin' Krytykal (featuring Doonie Baby) Success Is the Best Revenge
Keep It Lit Krytykal (featuring Goldie Gold)
Forever Gona Hold It Down One Loco (featuring Doon Koon, Lil Raider & Chongo) Valley Thuggin'
West Coast Hustlin' One Loco (featuring Doon Koon, Mac Reese & Lil Raider)
Get There JT the Bigga Figga & Juvenile (featuring Mac Mall & The Federation) South West Bosses
Pills Lil Raider (featuring Doonie Baby & Don Greco) They Predicted I'd Be Dead or N Prison
Just Like Lil Raider (featuring X-YLE, QP & Doonie Baby)
Take Your Number Lil Raider (featuring Don Greco, Mac Mall, Skuba & Doon Koon) Half Baked: The Mixtape
Thuggin' in the Streets Lil Raider (featuring Doon Koon & Big Tone)
I Keep a Pistol "Baby" C-Style (featuring Goldie Gold) CSIC
Pimpin' Young Dru (featuring The Federation & Jay Tee) Block Star
Pop One of These Paul Wall (featuring Too Short, Skinhead Rob & The Federation) Fast Life
Northern Cali Big Nige (featuring Ios Da Mos, Goldie Gold & Doon Koon) A Day In the Life of a Hustlinaire
On Everythang Krypto (featuring Goldie Gold) Pieces to My Puzzle
Keep It Organic Nump (featuring Goldie Gold & Smigg Dirtee) Student Ov Da Game
Talk Ta Yew Nump (featuring Doon Koon & Konnex) The Gorillapino Comp
Wit the AP.9 (featuring Goldie Gold, Marvaless, T-Nutty & Killa Tay) Reality Check
Hit It Ok Marinello Records (featuring Goldie Gold) The Early Years...
How They Do Outrageous (featuring 206-Assassin, Enormous Tha Ox & Goldie Gold) Strong Arm Thizz Latin, Vol. 1
Switch Lanes Born Devine (featuring The Federation) Born In the Game (Birth of a Don)
2010 On that Vodka E-40 (featuring Goldie Gold) Synth City
The Weedman E-40 (featuring Stressmatic) Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift
Sweet Dreams 2K C-Dat (featuring Goldie Gold) First Class Ride
Icey Cold Biaje (featuring Goldie Gold & Beeda Weeda) Grinding Anthems
Sittin' On Buttons Lil Raider (featuring Goldie Gold) 24/7 The Pickup
Crimz N Tearz One Loco (featuring Doon Koon) 4th Generation Cali4nia Boy
Kingpin Status Ad Kapone (featuring Goldie & Alias Tone) Kingpin: The Year 6 Theory
Just Go Bueno (featuring Goldie Gold & Selau) Maloof Money
Addicted to You I5 Connect (featuring Goldie Gold) The First 48
Sweet In My Suitte I5 Connect (featuring Goldie Gold)
2011 Yes Sir Advanced Advertising (featuring Raekwon, Crooked I, Ghostface Killah & Stressmatic) The Live & Direct Show
Get Money Get Doe Advanced Advertising (featuring The Federation)
All Gas Notes (featuring Keak Da Sneak, Goldie Gold & Outrageous) The Saran Wrap Rapper
Rear View Mirror E-40 (featuring B-Legit & Stressmatic) Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift
My Lil Grimey N***a E-40 (featuring Stressmatic) Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift
Back & Forth E-40 (featuring Cousin Fik, Turf Talk & Stressmatic)
Bad B***h E-40 (featuring Stressmatic & Droop-E)
Loaded Weapon DJ Crook (featuring Philthy Rich, Bailey, Laroo & Goldie Gold Stompilation, Vol. 2
Have a Party DJ Crook (featuring The Federation & Sleepy D)
We Get It DJ Crook (featuring Goldie Gold & Dem Hoodstarz)
In a Rush DJ Crook (featuring Beeda Weeda, Axion, Laroo & Goldie Gold)
Take It Off DJ Crook (featuring Goldie Gold)
Opposite of Broke Work Dirty (featuring Stressmatic) B.O.S.S. (Bread Ova Sucka S**t)
From the Streetz of California Big Tone (featuring Doonie) From the Streetz of California
Right Now
Quiet Storm
Henney in My Cup Mikey Barber (featuring Goldie Gold) Hustler of the Year
Lady Lil Raider (featuring Doonie Baby) Half Baked Eyeball'n Ounces - Smoke Sessions, Vol. 2
My Game Young Go (featuring Mack Littles & Goldie Gold) Fly Boy Flashy
Monsterish Illa Sevearr (featuring Messy Marv & Goldie Gold) Scarred Intelligence
Take My Number (bonus track) Skuba (featuring Mac Mall, Doonie Baby & Don Greco) Skuba and The Perfect Team Present: Turning Out - The Compilation
No Other (remix) Skuba (featuring Slim, Boo Banga & Goldie)
2012 Stove on High E-40 (featuring Stressmatic) The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 3
Fairfield Reppin' Mac Reese (featuring Kaboo & Goldie Gold) Fairfield's Most Hated Pt. 3
2 da Muny Mac Reese (featuring Goldie Gold) Still a Federation N***h
Cook Coke J. Stalin (featuring E-40 & Stressmatic) Memoirs of a Curb Server
Make a Million D-Shot (featuring Stressmatic) Ghetto
She's Ready to Go (featuring Stressmatic) Me Two Bottle Minimum
This S**t Pound E-40 & Too Short (featuring Stressmatic) History: Function Music
Sheesh History: Mob Music
Strange Places (Remix) No Face Phantom (featuring Stressmatic & Doon Koon) The Network
Actavis Yung X (featuring Goldie Gold & Ike Dolla) X-Man
There They Go Keak da Sneak (featuring Big Hollis & Goldie Gold) CheddarCheeselSay
2013 Off the Block (featuring Stressmatic & J. Banks)[7] E-40 The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 5
Gold Chain (featuring Stressmatic) Hot Dope
2014 Google Dz Nuttz (featuring Yung Lott, Nio da Gift, Roach Gigz, Cousin Fik, Moe Green, Goldie Gold, Stressmatic, D-Lo, Agerman, Rich Rap, Angel Deski, Homewrecka, Mistah F.A.B. & Gorilla Pits) Kobra Abysmal The 48 Hour Project
2015 On My Line (featuring The Federation) Rick Rock Rocket The Album
Dopeman (featuring Stressmatic) Redman Mudface
2016 Mr. Arm And Hammer (featuring Stressmatic) E-40 The D-Boy Diary: Book 1
Goon Music (featuring Stressmatic)
We Flip (featuring Cousin Fik, Choose Up Cheese & Stressmatic)
I Had It In A Drought (featuring Stressmatic)
Paid Off (featuring Stressmatic) The D-Boy Diary: Book 2
2017 Swivel (featuring Stressmatic) Snoop Dogg Neva Left
Still Slappin' (featuring Stressmatic) Omar Aura
2018 Ballhog (featuring Stressmatic) E-40 Gift of Gab
Life Lessons (featuring Stressmatic) E-40, B-Legit Connected and Respected
Meet the Dealers (featuring Stressmatic)
Barbershop (featuring Stressmatic)
10 Bad B*tches (featuring Stressmatic) Too Short The Sex Tape Playlist


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