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The Fest
GenreRock music
Location(s)Gainesville, Florida
Years active2002-present
Founded byTony Weinbender
WebsiteOfficial website of The Fest

The Fest is an annual music festival in Gainesville, Florida, organized by Tony Weinbender, formerly of No Idea Records. It is a predominantly punk rock and pop-punk festival, though there are also a good number of indie rock, hardcore punk, metal, and ska acts. The Fest first took place May 24 and 25, 2002 and has since attracted a large turnout throughout the years. Bands perform across a variety of venues (varying from small bars to large concert halls) in the downtown Gainesville area.[1]

The Fest takes place each year on the weekend of the Florida-Georgia football game (around Halloween), held in Jacksonville.[2]

live music performance by young musicians of rock music in florida
zeta live performance at the fest 17 - Gainesville,Florida

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