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The Festivus  
Discipline Malacology, conchology
Language English
Edited by 1970 to 1976 Blanche Brewer:1976 to 2014 Carole Hertz; 2014 to present David P. Berschauer and David B. Waller
Publication details
San Diego Shell Club (United States)
Publication history
Frequency Since 2014, quarterly
ISSN 0738-9388
OCLC no. 4699208
The publication is named after this species: Pteropurpura festiva (Hinds, 1844)

The Festivus is a publication about malacology and conchology published by the San Diego Shell Club in San Diego, California. The Festivus started in 1970 as a shell club newsletter edited by Blanche Brewer, however, over time the publication transformed into a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

In 1976 Carole Hertz became the editor, and gradually, over the following years of her editorship, the journal became more and more scientifically respectable. From 1985 up until 2014, issues of The Festivus contained scientific papers on mollusks, and each paper was peer-reviewed by a professional malacologist. Eleven issues were published annually: one issue per month, except for the month of December.

In March 2014 the editorship was taken over by David P. Berschauer and David B. Waller, who become co-editors. The journal was changed in both format and scope. It became a quarterly publication in full color. It still contained some scientific peer-reviewed articles, but those articles now included descriptions of new taxa. The publication also was changed to include popular articles and advertising.


The publication's name is in honor of a species of carnivorous sea snail which occurs locally: the "Festive Murex", previously known as Murex festivus, and now known as Pteropurpura festiva.[1]


The journal was established in 1970. It first existed as a shell club newsletter, and then gradually evolved to become a scientific journal which was published monthly from January through November each year. Carole Hertz was the second editor, and after 1976, under her guidance, the journal grew into a scientific journal. In 1984 the journal had a "sleek new look" and obtained an ISSN number. The front page of the January 1985 issue included for the first time a list of a Scientific Review Board of nine professional malacologists. By 2006 there were 13 professionals in the Review Board. Fifteen special issues and special supplements were published between 1978 and 2002.[2]

During 1977, a major error was made in the volume numbers printed in the journal issues. The first eight issues of 1977 were correctly shown as being part of Volume VIII. However, the last three issues of that year were listed as being part of Volume IX. Despite this error in numbering, there are in fact no "missing issues".[2]

In February 2014, it was announced that The Festivus was changing editorship and it would, from that point on, be published quarterly in both electronic and print format. In addition to scientific articles, popular articles of general interest and advertising would be included. The first quarterly issue was published in May 2014, which for the first time included articles naming new taxa.

Special supplements up to 2009[edit]

Occasionally, The Festivus has published special issues, and book-like "Special Supplements". The special issues and supplements published while Carole Hertz was editor are listed in this section. They are primarily in chronological order, except for two groupings by author.[2]

Special Issues:

  • February 1978, "The George Radwin Memorial Issue"
  • October 1978, Superfamily, Muricacea: Catalogue of Coralliophilidae by Antony D'Attilio
  • November 1979, "Interpretation of Typhine Morphology with Special reference to Typhisala Clark (Keen & Campbell, 1964)


  • January 1984, "Illustrations of the Types named by S. Stillman Berry in his "Leaflets in Malacology", by Carole M. Hertz

Special Issue:

  • March 1980, "Seastar Predation on Mollusks in the San Felipe Bay Area, Baja California, Mexico", by Joyce Gemmell, Carole Hertz, and Barbara Myers


  • March 1980, "A Faunal Study of the Bivalves of San Felipe and Environs, Gulf of California, from the Gemmell Collection (1965 to 1976), 72 pages
  • November 1988, "An Illustrated Catalogue of the Family Typhidae Cossman, 1903 (Gastropoda: Muricidae", By Anthony d'Attilio and Carole M. Hertz. 73 pages
Supplements by Carole Skogland 1991–2002 (grouped together):
  • 1991, "Additions to the Panamic Province Opisthobranchia (Mollusca) Literature 1971 to 1990" by Carol Skoglund
  • 1991, "Additions to the Panamic Province Bivalve (Mollusca) Literature 1971 to 1990" by Carol Skoglund
  • 1992, "Additions to the Panamic Province Gastropod (Mollusca) Literature 1971 to 1992" by Carol Skoglund
  • 2001, "Panamic Province Molluscan Literature Additions and Changes from 1971 through 2000, I Bivalvia II Polyplacophora", by Carol Skoglund
  • 2002, "Panamic Province Molluscan Literature Additions and Changes from 1971 through 2001, III Gastropoda" by Carol Skoglund
Supplements by Kirstie L. Kaiser 1997–2001 (grouped together):
  • 1997, "The Recent Molluscan Marine Fauna of the Islas Galápagos" by Kirstie L. Kaiser, 67+ pages
  • 2001, "The Recent Molluscan Marine Fauna of the Isla de Malpelo, Colombia, by Kirstie L. Kaiser, 149+ pages
  • 1996, "The Genus Spondylus (Bivalvia: Spondylidae) of the Panamic Province" by Carol Skoglund and David K. Mulliner
  • 1996, "An Atlas of Cowrie Radulae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cypraeoidea: Cypraeidae)" by Hugh Bradner and E. Alison Kay, 179 pages

Special issue:

  • 2009, "Chitons known from the benthic monitoring program in the Southern California Bight" by T. Stebbins and D. Eernisse.

Newer special supplements[edit]

Published since 2013 under the new editorship are:

  • 2014, Iconography of the Haliotis Species and Subspecies of Australia and New Zealand by Buzz Owen and Robert Kershaw
  • 2015: The Living and Fossil Busycon Whelks: Iconic Mollusks of Eastern North America by Edward J. Petuch, Robert F. Myers, and David P. Berschauer


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