The Fight Between the Snipe and the Clam

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The Fight Between the Snipe and the Clam
Directed by Jinqing Hu
Distributed by Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Release date
Running time
10 mins
Country China

The Fight Between the Snipe and the Clam (Chinese: 鹬蚌相争) is a Chinese animated film produced by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio. It is also referred to as "Snipe Clam Grapple".


It is based on the Chinese proverb concept of when neighbors fight, nobody wins. It was shown as a short at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 1984.[1]


A clam was sitting out in the sun when suddenly a snipe flew down to peck at the clam. Suddenly the clam slammed the shell shut, gripping the snipe's beak in between. The snipe said, "If it doesn't rain today, and it doesn't rain tomorrow, I shall see a dead clam on the beach." The clam said, "If I don't open today, and I don't open up tomorrow, I shall see a dead snipe on the beach." While they were still grappling with each other, a fisherman passed by and netted them both.[2]


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