The Final Countdown Tour 1986

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The Final Countdown Tour 1986
Europe The Final Countdown Tour 1986 DVD.jpg
Starring Europe
Distributed by Victor Entertainment
Release dates
  • 1986 (1986) (VHS)
  • 22 September 2004 (2004-09-22) (DVD)
Running time
40 min
Language English,Swedish

The Final Countdown Tour 1986 is a concert video released by the Swedish hard rock band Europe. It features footage from a concert filmed at Solnahallen in Solna, Sweden on May 26, 1986. It was first released on VHS in Japan in 1986, and was released on DVD and CD in 2004.

A remastered edition, entitled The Final Countdown Tour 1986: Live in Sweden - 20th Anniversary Edition, was released on DVD on October 4, 2006 to mark the 20th anniversary of the album The Final Countdown.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Final Countdown"
  2. "Ninja"
  3. "Carrie"
  4. "On the Loose"
  5. "Cherokee"
  6. "Time Has Come"
  7. "Open Your Heart"
  8. "Stormwind"
  9. "Rock the Night"