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Final Cut is a techno-industrial music group, consisting mainly of Detroit's Anthony Srock.


Final Cut ( The Final Cut ) ( abbreviated TFC ) began when Anthony "Asrock" Srock, then a radio and club DJ, began collaborating with DJ Jeff Mills. The pair had their first success with the international club hit "Take Me Away" just as Detroit technos first wave was peaking. The music was a mix of industrial, house and techno, and showed Asrocks roots as a DJ absorbing different genres. Mills left for a career of minimal techno and was replaced by drummer and programmer Joseph LaFata. Asrock and LaFata took Final Cut into a more aggressive industrial direction with "I Told You Not To Stop" in the early 90s, with Srock becoming a vocalist. The single led to an album deal with Nettwerk Records, home to fellow industrial act Skinny Puppy. The resulting album was 1992s Consumed. The album featured collaborations with Revolting Cocks/Ministry alumni Chris Connelly and William Tucker. For 1992s Consumed, Final Cut toured with an all-live, sampler-free, full-band supporting Chris Connellys band and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

Srock returned with 1995's Atonement, recorded at Chicago's Warzone Studios and first released on Chemlabs Fifth Column Records and then re-released in 1998 on Slipdisc/Mercury.

In the year 2004 in Los Angeles Asrock began working on a new full-length record "Method of Operation" with Cr33py, TrippKILLER, Xristian Simon, and Taime Downe, an old acquaintance from Pigface and frontman for sleaze rock bands Faster Pussycat and the Newlydeads. In addition former Big Chief guitarist Phil Durr, and production from Baltimore vocalist Ric Peters and Chicago engineer Jason McNinch joined in. Working digitally between Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles over the course of 2005-2006, Asrock and his band pieced together Method of Operation.

Asrock is currently based in Detroit. In 2006, after the Death of his Mother (2005) and then Father (2006) Asrock resurrected Full Effect Records, his own label, and Final Cut's original label. His work on Method of Operation came to a halt after several deaths and a period as he describes as his "benzopalooza".

In 2009 the Prodigy's "Warriors Dance", which includes a sample from Final Cuts "Take Me Away", went to #1 on the UK dance singles charts, and reached #8 on USA's billboard charts.

Band members[edit]


Asrock, Taime Downe, TrippKILLER, Cr33py, Xristian Simon, Jason McNinch, Phil Durr, Ric Peters, John Garstecki

Past collaborators[edit]

Ogre, Martin Atkins, Charles Levi, Van Christie, Chris Connelly, Louis Svitek, William Tucker, Dwayne Goettel, Michael Balch, Jeff Mills, Greg Lucas, Hobie Echlin, Static Revenger, Gerald Dowd, Cornelius Boon






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Contact, Higher Learning, HBO Drive, HBO Real Sex, The Players, Models Inc, The Young and the Restless, Boxer

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