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The Financial Daily
Type Daily Newspaper
Owner(s) Azfar Abbas Ashary
Publisher Data Research Communications
Editor-in-chief Azfar Abbas Ashary
Language English
Headquarters Karachi

The Financial Daily is Pakistan's most comprehensive financial newspaper[citation needed] and financial news website. It provides stock information, daily news, research reports and reviews. It has an excellent reputation among businesses and in the economics circles of Pakistan.[citation needed] It provides the economic indicators of Pakistan, portfolio investments, mutual funds, currency rates, foreign exchange rates, the market summary, rates for KIBOR, T-bills and PIB. It is widely read by investors, educationists, economists, academia, business and common people.[citation needed]

The Daily and its associated magazine are widely lauded and acclaimed by financial researchers and investors.[citation needed]

Stock information[edit]

The Financial Daily provides live stock quotes for each of the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges. It also provides historic data of the Karachi Stock Exchange (Pakistan's leading stock market[citation needed]) for all listed companies dating back to 1990.

The public is encouraged to participate in a free share trading training service where they can trade virtual stocks using virtual money to win prizes.

Additional publications[edit]

The Financial Daily also publishes monthly (TV guide) magazines.

Stock Review is published daily. It contains in-depth, analytical reports on Pakistan's capital market, stock exchange performance analysis, and other informative reports designed to educate and guide readers. The focus of the magazine is to promote awareness among investors and provide guidelines to maximize their profits and minimize their chances of losses. This magazine includes research reports from a mix of their in-house, independent researchers and researchers from other brokerage houses.


The Financial Daily has the services of prominent journalists who are not only well versed in English literature but are also qualified and experienced personnel who have been part of the journalism industry for years. These include Baseer Ahmed, Muhammad Imran Sharif, Iqbal Parekh, Dr. Syed Mehboob, Muhammad Ali Qaiser, Salman Salim Rajan, Baqar Jafri, and Jamshed Ahmed Khan.


The Financial Daily, Weekly Stock Review and Monthly Mutual Fund are published under the umbrella of Data Research Communications (DRC). This is run by Azfar Abbas Ashary (Chief Editor), Shakil Jaffri (Editor) and Manzar Naqvi (Executive Editor).

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