The Fires of Heaven

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The Fires of Heaven
WoT05 TheFiresOfHeaven.jpg
Original cover of The Fires of Heaven, showing Mat, Rand, and Aviendha
Author Robert Jordan
Cover artist Darrell K. Sweet
Country United States
Language English
Series The Wheel of Time
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Tor Books (U.S.) and [Orbit Books] (UK)
Publication date
October 15, 1993
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 991 (U.S. paperback edition) &
704 (U.S. hardback edition)
ISBN 0-312-85427-7 (US hardback edition)
OCLC 29136140
813/.54 20
LC Class PS3560.O7617 F57 1993
Preceded by The Shadow Rising
Followed by Lord of Chaos

The Fires of Heaven is a fantasy novel by American writer Robert Jordan, the fifth book in his series The Wheel of Time. It was published by Tor Books and released on October 15, 1993.

It is the first novel in the series to not involve an appearance by each of the three ta'veren from the Two Rivers, due to Perrin's absence. The Fires of Heaven consists of a prologue and 56 chapters.

Plot summary[edit]

Chasing the Shaido Aiel, who are pillaging Cairhien, Rand al'Thor, titled Dragon Reborn and Car'a'carn, leads his Aiel to the Second Battle of Cairhien. Mat Cauthon saves some troops from a Shaido ambush; wins numerous battles, relying on the memories of past generals, transferred telepathically to himself; and personally kills the Shaido leader, Couladin, whereupon the Shaido Aiel retreat.

Falsely believing that Queen Morgase Trakand of Andor died at the hands of the Forsaken, Rahvin, masquerading as Lord Gaebril, Rand prepares to invade Caemlyn with a small Aiel strike force. Before he can do so, Lanfear attempts to kill him; but Moiraine Damodred grabs Lanfear and both topple through a ter'angreal, which is then destroyed, and both presumed dead. Thereafter Rand attacks Caemlyn. Shortly after arrival, Rand's companions are killed by Rahvin, and Rand attempts to eradicate Rahvin in Tel'aran'rhiod. Nynaeve al'Meara and Elayne Trakand travel through lands filled with Seanchan, Dragonsworn, bandits, and Whitecloaks, attempting to find the base of the rebel Aes Sedai. In Salidar, Nynaeve traps the Forsaken Moghedien in Tel'aran'rhiod with an a'dam. In Tel'aran'rhiod, Nynaeve distracts Rahvin, whereupon Rand destroys Rahvin with a tremendous burst of balefire, and thus revives Mat, Aviendha, and Asmodean.

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