The First 10 Explosive Years

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The First 10 Explosive Years
AtomicRooster First10.jpg
Compilation album by Atomic Rooster
Released 1999
Genre Rock
Label Angel Air
Atomic Rooster chronology
In Satan's Name: The Definitive Collection
(1997)In Satan's Name: The Definitive Collection1997
The First 10 Explosive Years

The First 10 Explosive Years is a 1999 compilation album by British rock band Atomic Rooster. It is on the Angel Air record label and, like all their Atomic Rooster and related-artists releases, is derived from original tapes owned and remastered by John Du Cann.

Whilst being a very good compilation for fans of the band, it consists entirely of unlicensed tracks, whose copyright is owned by Sanctuary (who purchased the B&C and Dawn catalogues), EMI and Polydor Records.

It has been reissued and repackaged at least twice: In 2004, it was teamed with The First Ten Explosive Years Volume 2 and released on the Recall Records label (a subsidiary of Snapper Music) as a double CD titled Tomorrow Night.

In 2005, it was reissued on the German Ambitions/Membran International label as disc one in a two-disc set entitled Rebel with a Clause. The second disc was the 11 track reissue of Headline News.

Track listing (with spelling and title corrections)[edit]

  1. "Sleeping for Years" 5:26
  2. "Seven Streets" 6:41
  3. "I Can't Take No More" 3:31
  4. "Taken You Over" a.k.a. "They Took Control of You" 4:48
  5. "Lost in Space" 5:51
  6. "Play it Again" 3:10
  7. "Devil’s Answer" 4:09 - live in Milan 1981
  8. "Rebel with a Clause" a.k.a. "Start to Live" 2:56
  9. "Night Living" a.k.a. "Living Underground" 3:36
  10. "Death Walks Behind You" 7:18
  11. "It's So Unkind" 4:05
  12. "When You Go to Bed" 3:42
  13. "Head in the Sky" 5:38
  14. "Break the Ice" 4:57
  15. "Play the Game" 4:45
  16. "Tomorrow Night" 4:50 - live studio version 1981