The First 10 Explosive Years Volume 2

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The 10 Ten Explosive Years Volume 2
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LabelAngel Air
Atomic Rooster chronology
The 10 Ten Explosive Years Volume 2
Heavy Soul

The First 10 Explosive Years Volume 2 is a 2001 compilation album by British rock band Atomic Rooster.

Whilst being a very good compilation for fans of the band, it consists entirely of unlicensed tracks, whose copyright is owned by Sanctuary (who purchased the B&C and Dawn catalogues), EMI and Polydor Records.

It has been reissued and repackaged at least once: in 2004, it was teamed with The First Ten Explosive Years [Volume 1] and released on the Recall Records label (a subsidiary of Snapper Music) as a double CD titled Tomorrow Night.

Track listing (with spelling and title corrections)[edit]

  1. "Do You Know Who's Looking for You" 3:06
  2. "End of the Day" 3:28
  3. "Watch Out!" 4: 04
  4. "Don't Lose Your Mind" 3:34
  5. "VUG" 5:01
  6. "She's My Woman" 3:13
  7. "In the Shadows" 6:55
  8. "Shabooloo" aka "Before Tomorrow" 5:49
  9. "Friday the 13th" 3:30 - US version
  10. "Broken Window" 3:49
  11. "Backward" 0:17 - actually separately-indexed intro to "Nobody Else"; both featured on Death Walks Behind You 1970
  12. "Nobody Else" 4:44
  13. "He Did it Again" 4:03
  14. "A Spoonful of Bromide Helps the Pulse Rate Go Down" 4:38
  15. "I Can't Stand It" aka "I Don’t Need You Anymore" 3:49
  16. "The Rock" 4:23
  17. "Where's the Show?" 3:54
  18. "Gershatzer" 8:02