The Five (film)

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The Five
The Five (film) poster.jpeg
Directed by Jeong Yeon-shik
Produced by Kang Woo-suk
Written by Jeong Yeon-shik
Based on The 5ive Hearts
by Jeong Yeon-shik
Starring Kim Sun-a
On Joo-wan
Ma Dong-seok
Shin Jung-geun
Jung In-gi
Lee Chung-ah
Music by Shim Hyeon-jeong
Cinematography Kim Hyung-koo
Edited by Kim Chang-ju
Park Gyeong-suk
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date
  • November 14, 2013 (2013-11-14)
Running time
123 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

The Five (Hangul더 파이브; RRDeo Paibeu) is a 2013 South Korean thriller film written and directed by Jeong Yeon-shik based on his own webtoon The 5ive Hearts, which first appeared on internet portal Daum in April 2011.[1][2][3]

Kim Sun-a starred as a crippled woman who gathers four desperate people in need of organs to take revenge on the serial killer who murdered her family.[4][5][6][7][8]


Eun-ah was living a perfect, happy life with her family until a sociopathic young man named Jae-wook brutally and senselessly murders her husband and daughter in front of her eyes. Barely escaping alive herself, Eun-ah is left half-paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. After her recovery, she grows fixated on taking revenge on him. Two years later, following a long search, she hones in within striking distance of the killer. Faced with such a dangerous adversary and her immobility, Eun-ah gathers four people marginalized by society, each with a different skill, to help her kill Jae-wook. In exchange, she is prepared to give them something they desperately need -- her organs. All four accomplices -- which include a North Korean defector, an ex-gangster, a doctor, and a cop -- are in need of organ transplants for various reasons, and Eun-ah promises them her organs once her revenge is complete. But things don't go as planned, and the killer turns the tables and starts hunting them himself.[9][10][11][12]


  • Kim Sun-a as Go Eun-ah
  • On Joo-wan as Oh Jae-wook
  • Ma Dong-seok as Jang Dae-ho, ex-gangster
  • Shin Jung-geun as Nam-cheol, engineer
  • Jung In-gi as Cheol-min, doctor
  • Lee Chung-ah as Park Jeong-ha, computer technician
  • Park Hyo-joo as Hye-jin, Christian social worker
  • Lee Yong-yi as Jeong-ha's mother
  • Jo Han-cheol as Kim Seong-il, Eun-ah's husband
  • Kim Hyun-soo as Kim Ga-young, Eun-ah's daughter
  • Choi Hak-rak as Jeong-do
  • Jung Soo-young as Dae-ho's wife
  • Yeo Min-joo as Hyeon-joo, hospital patient
  • Lee Jun-hyeok as Detective Park
  • Park Ji-hong as Park Kyeong-soo, parking attendant
  • Han Yeon-kyeong as Chae-young, Ga-young's school friend
  • Lee Seung-hoon as Min-soo
  • Go Bong-gu as Sang-gu
  • Oh Man-seok as Loan shark boss
  • Kim Gyeong-ran as Minimart owner


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