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The Flip is an Australian teenage docudrama series currently in development. Starring Christian Byers, the show follows the lives of teenagers from across suburban Sydney. What makes the series notable is its use of entirely young cast and crew, bringing a sense of realism previously missing in Australian teenage dramas. "It’s important to us that we show Australian teenage culture in a way that we feel most Australian teenagers can relate to” said co-creator Samuel Leighton-Dore in an interview with Jack marx for

Open auditions for the series were held in March at Sydney's Fox Studios with over 200 young actors trying out for a part. The final cast, including Byers and Sydney fashion model Sophy Jones, showcases a vibrant pool of undiscovered young acting talent. "Having unknown actors is important," adds co-creator James Millynn, "because it’s impossible for the audience to judge them outside of the character they’re playing." The pilot episode, shot on a Canon 7D, is due for completion in November this year.


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