The Fliptones

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The Fliptones
The Fliptones Studio.jpg
The Fliptones: David Delazyn & Chaz William Mishan
Background information
Birth name Chaz William Mishan, David Delazyn
Occupation(s) Producers
Instruments Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Programming, Saxophone, Trumpet
Years active 2008-present
Labels Universal / Rondor Music / Fliptonian Publishing
Website The Fliptones on Twitter

The Fliptones are American record producers, songwriters, and band that consist of Chaz William Mishan and David Delazyn. They are both born and raised in Miami but currently live in Los Angeles.

Production discography[edit]

  • "Born to Be Alive"
  • iKON (Welcome Back)
  • "M.U.P" (솔직하게; Soljighage)"
  • "Good Boy"
  • "Ride Until the Sun"
  • "Ghost"
  • "Love is a Lie" [1]
  • "Smile Again"
  • "Stay With Me" [2]
  • "Collide"
  • "High Life"
  • "Homeless"
  • "My Couch"
  • "A Million Lives"
  • "Hollywood"
  • "Suitcase" (Target bonus CD)
  • "Can't Sleep"
  • "What I Wouldn't Give"
  • "I'm Alright"
  • "Runnin'"
  • "My Life"
  • "Hey"
  • "Nothin Like L.A."
  • "Belly Dancer"
  • "Amazing"
  • "We in the Club"
  • "Raiders Nation- Oakland Raiders Theme song"
  • "BAD GIRL"
  • "The Rain"
  • "Spank Me"
  • "Celebrity Love"
  • "Drop Top Chevy"


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