The Flirts

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The Flirts
Origin United States
Genres Hi-NRG
Years active 1980–present
Labels "O" Records, Rams Horn Records, Sony Music Entertainment

The Flirts were an American female band. The trio was created and masterminded by American Hi-NRG mogul Bobby "O" Orlando, initially composed of one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead. They are best known for Hi-NRG songs such as "Passion", "Danger", "Helpless" and "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)".

Concept and first chart success[edit]

Orlando conceived the idea for The Flirts, wrote the songs, played the instruments, and produced the tracks. He then auditioned girls to be the faces of the group. Orlando often called in the services of professional session singers to sing the vocals for the tracks because most of the performers were trained as dancers, models or actresses. The Flirts went through numerous lineup changes and with every album release and tour, some girls left while others stayed. One constant singer that Bobby Orlando used not only for The Flirts but as a ghost singer for other groups was Christina Criscione. She recorded more songs for Bobby Orlando than any other singer.The Flirts released six studio albums from 1982–1992 and numerous singles. They made several international tours, often in the club circuit, and sang to tracks but played with live musicians on their world tours.

Debut single "Jukebox" received significant airplay on MTV in 1982. The song rose to number 28 on the Billboard US Dance Chart. The follow-up single "Passion" peaked the same year at number 21, and became a huge success in Europe, reaching number 22 in the Netherlands[1] and number 4 in Germany.[2]

"Helpless (You Took My Love)" peaked at number 12 on the Billboard US Dance Chart, and reached number 13 on the German Top 75. The Flirts were featured in the German feature film Feel the Motion.[3]

In 1985, "You and Me", which Orlando co-wrote with influential hip hop producer Clifton "Jiggs" Chase, topped the US dance chart.[4]

Band members[edit]

  • Bobby Orlando
  • Andrea Del Conte
  • Hope Brayman
  • Holly Kerr
  • Sandy Lorenzo
  • Rebecca Sulivan
  • Pamela Leonard
  • Linda J Rizzo
  • Elizabeth
  • Tricia Wygal
  • Christina Criscione
  • Trish Vogel
  • Geri Fallo
  • Debra "Debbie" Gaynor
  • Christie Muhaw
  • Kim Rowe
  • Danielle McKee

Plus many session singers who sang lead and background vocals on tracks that were released under the name The Flirts.



  • 1982: 10¢ a Dance (renamed as Passion in the Netherlands)
  • 1983: Born to Flirt
  • 1984: Made in America
  • 1985: Blondes Brunettes & Redheads
  • 1986: Questions of the Heart
  • 1992: Take A Chance On Me

Greatest hits albums[edit]

  • 1983: Flirt With The Flirts (Netherlands release only)
  • 1991: The Best Of The Flirts
  • 1993: Greatest Hits
  • 1996: Passion - The Best Of
  • 2001: Physical Attraction


  • 1982: "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)"/"Boy Crazy" (US Dance #28)
  • 1982: "Passion" (Belgium #36, Germany #4, Netherlands #22, Switzerland #4, US Dance #21)
  • 1983: "Calling All Boys" (Germany #57)
  • 1983: "Danger" (Switzerland #30)
  • 1983: "On The Beach"
  • 1984: "Helpless (You Took My Love)" (Germany #13, Switzerland #15, US Dance #12)
  • 1985: "Dancing Madly Backwards" (Germany #46, US Dance #47)
  • 1985: "You & Me" (US Dance #1)
  • 1986: "Miss You" (US Dance #15)
  • 1986: "New Toy" (US Dance #5)
  • 1986: "All You Ever Think About Is (Sex)"
  • 1988: "A Thing Called Love"

Featured tracks on compilations[edit]

  • "Danger" - Disco Discharge: Pink Pounders (2010)
  • "Passion" - Disco Discharge: Gay Disco & Hi-NRG (2009)
  • "Passion" - Grand 12 Inches 4 (2007, Sony)
  • "Helpless (You Took My Love)" - I Love Bobby O (2006)
  • "Passion" - Back To Mine: Pet Shop Boys (2005)
  • "Passion" - I Love Disco Energy (2003)

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