The Floating Castle

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The Floating Castle
The Floating Castle poster.jpeg
Directed by Shinji Higuchi
Produced by Osamu Kubota
Shinji Ogawa
Written by Ryō Wada
Starring Mansai Nomura
Nana Eikura
Hiroki Narimiya
Tomomitsu Yamaguchi
Yusuke Kamiji
Takayuki Yamada
Takehiro Hira
Masachika Ichimura
Kōichi Satō
Music by Koji Ueno
Cinematography Shoji Ebara
Motonobu Kiyoku
Distributed by Toho
Asmik Ace Entertainment
Release date
  • November 2, 2012 (2012-11-02)
Running time
144 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

The Floating Castle (のぼうの城, Nobō no Shiro) is a 2012 Japanese historical-drama film directed by Shinji Higuchi and Isshin Inudo, starring Mansai Nomura, and adapts Ryō Wada's novel (2007) of the same name.

Set in feudal Japan, the film is based on the Siege of Oshi and depicts the struggle of Oshi's villagers in defending their fortress against Toyotomi Hideyoshi's campaign against the Hojo clan. Against insurmountable odds, Narita Nagachika, the fortress's castellan, leads a group of 500 men against 20,000 men led by Ishida Mitsunari, part of Toyotomi clan's greater army of 20,000 samurai.



Mark Adams of Screen International gave the film a favorable review, describing the film as "[an] epic period action-comedy packed with wonderfully over-the-top characters, great production values and some spectacular sequences".[2]


The film racked up ten nominations for the Japan Academy Prize, winning one for Best Art Direction.[3] Additionally it was nominated for three Asian Film Awards.[4]


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