The Floating Shadows (triptych)

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Floating shadows, triptych, oil on canvas, 2.75 X 7.60 meters (9 X 25 feet), 1986

The Floating Shadows is a triptych made by Nabil Kanso in 1986 on the brutality and suffering inflicted during the Lebanese Civil War.[1] The painting is oil on canvas and measures 2.75 x 7.60 meters (9 X 25 feet).[2] It forms part of the Cluster Paintings series that Kanso began in 1986 and marks the transition to a new approach in his compositional framework.[3] The pictorial layout divides the canvas space into various sections reflecting a cluster of interlinked planes depicting floating figures of predominantly dark-blue set against deep orange ground and demarcated by white grayish areas.[4]

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