The Flowerpot Men

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The Flowerpot Men were a British electronic music group that surfaced in the 1980s. This group featured electronic musician Ben Watkins (of Juno Reactor), Paul N. Davies (of Naked Lunch), and cellist Adam Peters, and recorded several EPs; including Alligator Bait, Jo's So Mean, and Walk on Gilded Splinters. Their most successful and well-known song, Beat City, was featured in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

The group later became known as Sunsonic, and released the full-length LP Melting Down On Motor Angel.

Prior to the Flowerpot Men, Adam Peters played cello and piano parts on Echo & the Bunnymen tracks, including Never Stop and The Killing Moon.

Ben Watkins after Sunsonic went on to form Juno Reactor, a multifaceted project that has released seven studio albums, scored Hollywood films, and tours with a ten piece band.