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The Fluff Constructivists (also known as the Fluff Construct) collaborative art entity began in 2000 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Principal members Ethan Kruszka and Mikel Durlam combine elements of phantasmagoria with post-situationist interventions in order to create images, scenes and experiences at times reminiscent of regional museum dioramas and B-grade horror films. Fluff Constructivism draws from modern strains of formalism, post-minimalism and the dangerous realm of county fair aesthetics.

In recent years, a special collaboration has existed between the Fluff Construct and Shawn Cheatham of Q & A Productions.

Major works[edit]

  • gift by/as/for location. IA, MN, NY, FL, 2001-2
  • transatlantic (in orange). NY, FL, IL, Netherlands, 2002-3
  • Parumpa and the Uber-Decoration. FL, 2003-4
  • Stages in Short Gasps. FL, NY, 2004
  • Thornton Biennial (and 2004's Kruszka Pavilion). IA, 2004-ongoing
  • Enter Starbreath (with the Meme-Rider Media Team). FL, 2005[1]
  • Frontiers At Dawn. FL, 2005-6[2]
  • October Funeral. FL, 2006
  • The Bats Will Cum: The Drain. FL, 2006
  • The Bats Will Cum: Antecedents. FL, 2007
  • The Black Black. Romania, 2007
  • Portrait Le Geoff, Marseilles, FR, 2007
  • Motion Picture (never to see the light of day). AK, 2008
  • Motion Picture 2: Midnight Seduction (film). 2009
  • Songbook of Hungrrr. MN, 2011
  • This Is It. NYC, 2011/2012


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