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The Flying Turns was an attraction at Riverview Park in Chicago, Illinois.

The attraction consisted of a barrel with a track inside for cars to ride freewheeling. The cars were held onto the drum by a rail and floating clamp system. As the drum would spin, the single person cars would follow the track and eventually begin to go upside down.[1] The drum steadily increased its speed and the cars let it roll beneath their wheels as they follow the track. The cars' brakes are then applied causing them to quickly accelerate up to the speed of the drum's surface, around 30 mph. The operator of Flying Turns would spin the drum for two minutes and then release the brakes causing the cars to come to a complete stop while the drum slows to a halt.[1] In 1966 the four car ride overturned on the first embankment, seriously injuring several riders. The Flying Turns ride was shut down due to safety concerns.


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