The Flying Doctors of East Africa

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The Flying Doctors of East Africa
Flying doctors.jpg
Directed by Werner Herzog
Produced by Werner Herzog
Starring Sir Michael Wood
Narrated by Wilfried Klaus
Cinematography Thomas Mauch
Edited by Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus
Release date
Running time
45 minutes
Language German

The Flying Doctors of East Africa (German: Die Fliegenden Ärzte von Ostafrika) is a 1969 documentary film by Werner Herzog about the "flying doctors" service of the African Medical and Research Foundation in Tanzania, Kenya, and Nairobi. The film is a fairly conventional documentary made during the filming of Herzog's more stylized films Fata Morgana and Even Dwarfs Started Small.[1]

Herzog was asked to make this film by some friends of the doctors themselves.[1] The film consists mostly of factual accounts of the doctors' service, mostly avoiding the surrealism and stylizations that characterize the typical Herzog film. Herzog has said, "I do not even call it a film, it is much more a Bericht, a report."[1]


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