The Forecast

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The Forecast
Origin Peoria, Illinois, USA
Genres Emo
Indie rock
Alternative Country
Labels Clifton Motel
Eyeball Records
Victory Records (Previously)
Members Dustin Addis
Shannon Burns
Tony Peck
Kevin Ohls

The Forecast is an indie rock band from Peoria, Illinois. The Forecast's sound is most recognizable for containing strong two and three part harmonies performed by combinations of their multiple vocalists, as heard in tracks such as "Red as the Moon" and "One Hundred Percent". The band was started with Dustin Addis, the only remaining original member, in 2001. The band's current line up came together in the summer in 2004 when Shannon Burns and Matt Webb left their old band, Casting Lines. They released a split, a full-length album, and a four-song EP while signed to Thinker Thought Records. They released their first full-length album, with their current line-up, May 17, 2005 titled Late Night Conversations. The Forecast's Hit, " These Lights" was featured in MVP 06 NCAA Baseball.[1] Their second album, In the Shadow of Two Gunmen was released on May 30, 2006 via Victory Records and was promoted by a national tour with bands Socratic, Mashlin, and Tourmaline.[2]

Early in 2009, the band self-released a five-song E.P titled "Alive For The First Time". The E.P featured two new songs, two acoustic versions of old songs and a cover song.

After spending more than two years unsigned, the group released a self-titled full-length through Eyeball Records on February 16, 2010.[3]

All four members of the Forecast have the band's "ambulance" logo tattooed on them.

Current members[edit]

  • Shannon Burns - bass/vocals
  • Dustin Addis - vocals/guitar
  • Tony Peck - drums
  • Kevin Ohls - guitar

Former members[edit]

  • Matt Webb - guitar/vocals
  • Jared Grabb - guitar/vocals
  • Marsha Satterfield - bass/vocals
  • Rhys Miller - drums/vocals
  • Derrick Hostetter - drums
  • Mitch Leefers - guitar/vocals
  • Craig Comte - drums
  • Dan Fiedler - bass/vocals
  • Jenni Black - vocals/guitar



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