The Forlorn Hope

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The Forlorn Hope
First edition
Author David Drake
Cover artist Alan Gutierrez
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 318 pp
ISBN 0-8125-3622-3
OCLC 233791348

The Forlorn Hope is a science fiction novel by David Drake.

Plot introduction[edit]

Set in the Hammer's Slammers universe, The Forlorn Hope follows the fortunes of a different mercenary company named "Fasolini's Company". On the planet Cecach, a civil war has raged between the secular Federals and their religious zealot adversaries, the Republicans. Fasolini's Company is to provide heavy support to a Federal firebase. When the firebase is cut off and surrounded by Republican troops, the Federals surrender, offering Fasolini's Company to the Republicans as part of the bargain. Since the Republicans have vowed to execute any mercenaries who fall into their hands, Fasolini's Company decides that it must flee the firebase before the Republicans arrive to take control. Fighting both the turncoat Federals and the Republicans, Fasolini's Company, with the aid of a loyal Federal logistics officer and the captain of a planet trapped interstellar freighter, must march across enemy lines to reach the safety of the intact Federal and still loyal Federal lines.

Allusions/references to actual history[edit]

David Drake, in the link listed below, states to have been inspired by Anabasis by the Greek general/historian Xenophon.

Release details[edit]

  • 1988, Tor. 0-81253-6223
  • 1991, Tor. 0-81251-3320
  • 2006, Tor. 0-765356-465

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