The Forsaken (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

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"The Forsaken"
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 16
Directed by Les Landau
Story by Jim Trombetta
Teleplay by Don Carlos Dunaway
Michael Piller
Featured music Dennis McCarthy
Production code 417
Original air date May 23, 1993 (1993-05-23)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"If Wishes Were Horses"
Next →
"Dramatis Personae"
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"The Forsaken" is the 17th episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Dr. Bashir is assigned "babysitting" duty for four visiting ambassadors, O'Brien deals with an alien computer program downloaded from a probe, and Odo copes with a deeply infatuated Lwaxana Troi.


Deep Space Nine is host to a delegation of Federation ambassadors and Sisko gives Bashir the "honor" of welcoming them to the station. While Bashir struggles to please the other three dignitaries, Ambassador Lwaxana Troi exclaims that someone has stolen her brooch. Odo apprehends the thief, and Lwaxana is instantly infatuated with the Constable.

Later, Lwaxana comes to Odo’s office to flirt with him. Odo is uncomfortable with her attention, and escapes on a pretext. In Sisko's office, Odo asks for advice on how to deal with Lwaxana's aggressive behavior, but Sisko is amused and offers no help.

Meanwhile, a mysterious probe-like vessel comes through the Wormhole. Dax and O'Brien attempt to analyze it, downloading its software to Deep Space Nice.

As Lwaxana follows Odo into a turbolift, he tries to rebuff her by telling her that he must revert to a liquid every sixteen hours; but she is undeterred. A system failure strands them together in the turbolift. As Lwaxana talks to keep her mind off the danger, Odo grows less hostile toward her; and soon he opens up to her about his past. He is in severe discomfort, as he will soon need to revert to his liquid state.

While trying to repair the station's systems, O'Brien discovers that the computer is less hostile to him than usual, but it seems to break down whenever he is away from it. Dax and Kira infer that he information downloaded from the alien probe is a non-sentient life form, which has attached itself to O'Brien like a puppy.

The crew attempt to transfer the alien life form's files off the station, but something goes awry and a plasma surge creates a fire that endangers Bashir and the ambassadors. O'Brien finally decides to build a "doghouse" within the computer for their little lost puppy. Containing it solves their problems.

Meanwhile, in the turbolift, Odo begins to lose control of his form. Lwaxana tries to be supportive, but he turns away and says no one has ever seen him this way. She takes off her wig and tells him no one has ever seen her that way either. As they bond over their shared moment of vulnerability, she lets Odo "melt" into her lap.

Bashir saves the ambassadors from the fire by hiding in a crawlspace; upon emerging, they call him a hero. Odo and Lwaxana are rescued from the turbolift with a newfound appreciation for each other’s company. Sisko agrees to allow O’Brien to “keep the puppy.”

Arc significance[edit]

  • This is the first of three meetings of Odo and Lwaxana Troi. She would again visit in "Fascination" and "The Muse."


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