The Foundling (1940 film)

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The Foundling
The Foundling (1940 film).jpg
Directed byTatyana Lukashevich
Written byRina Zelyonaya
Agniya Barto
StarringVeronika Lebedeva
Faina Ranevskaya
Rostislav Plyatt
Music byNikolai Kryukov
CinematographySemyon Scheinin
Edited byKlaudia Moskvina
Distributed byMosfilm
Release date
  • January 27, 1940 (1940-01-27)
Running time
76 minutes

The Foundling (Russian: Подкидыш, romanizedPodkidysh) is a 1940 comedy drama directed by Tatyana Lukashevich[1]. The film was a production of Mosfilm based on the script by Rina Zelyonaya and Agniya Barto and was released on 27 January 1940.[2] It was one of the first Russian family films. Originally in black and white, it was reproduced in colour in 2010.[3]


Little Natasha went out and got lost in a big city. Her fate was attended by all whom she met in her fascinating, full of cheerful adventure travel. Everything, of course, ended well. And while Natasha was wandering around town, she made a lot of friends, among both adults and children.[4]

Shot in movie


  • Veronika Lebedeva as Natasha
  • Faina Ranevskaya as Lyalya
  • Pyotr Repnin as Mulya, Lyalya's husband
  • Rostislav Plyatt as bachelor
  • Rina Zelyonaya as Arisha, housekeeper
  • Olga Zhiznyeva as Nelia Valeryanovna, Natasha's and Yura's mother
  • Victor Gromov as Nina's father
  • Tatyana Barysheva as dentist
  • Elya Bykovskaya as Nina, Yura's schoolmate (uncredited)
  • Dima Glukhov as Yura, Natasha's brother (uncredited)
  • Vitya Boyko as Alyosha, Yura's schoolmate (uncredited)
  • Andrey Starostin as cameo, football player (uncredited)
  • Stanislaus Leyta as cameo, football player (uncredited)
  • Nikolay Arsky as militia chief (uncredited)
  • Ivan Lobyzovsky as Sergeev, member of the search group (uncredited)
  • Lev Anninsky as boy from the kindergarten[5] (uncredited)
  • Anatoli Papanov as passer (uncredited)
  • Fyodor Odinokov as passer (uncredited)
  • Oleg Basilashvili as boy on the bike (uncredited)


During the years of the Great Patriotic War, the film’s negative was destroyed during the bombing, but a preserved positive copy was found in the USSR State Film Fund.


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