The Four Journeys

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The Four Journeys (Chinese: 四游记; pinyin: Sì Yóujì) is a collection of four shenmo novels consisting of: Journey to the North, Journey to the South, Journey to the East, and Journey to the West.

  • The Journey to the North (composed during the Ming dynasty) is on the apotheosis of True-Warrior (Chen-wu, Zhen-wu) as Mysterious-Heaven Supreme-Emperor (Hsuan-t'ien Shang-ti, Xuan-tian Shang-di).
  • The Journey to the South was composed by Yu Xiangdou.
  • The Journey to the East was composed by Wu Yuan-tai (fl. 1522-1526).
  • The Journey to the West is composed by Yang Zhihe, and is based on the same subject, but distinct from Wu Cheng'en's epic novel Journey to the West.



These four Chinese novels are distinct from "The Four Journeys in Mysticism" known to the Ṣūfī (Seyed Safavi : "The Practice of Mysticism" -- In :- TRANSCENDENT PHILOSOPHY, Vol. 2, 2001).