The Fractal Geometry of Nature

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The Fractal Geometry of Nature
The Fractal Geometry of Nature - bookcover.jpg
Author Benoît Mandelbrot
Country United States
Language English
Subject Mathematics
Genre Science
Publisher W. H. Freeman and Co.
Publication date
Media type book
ISBN ISBN 0-7167-1186-9

The Fractal Geometry of Nature is an influential book published in 1982 by the Franco-American mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot. It is a revised and enlarged version of his 1977 book entitled Fractals: Form, Chance and Dimension, which in turn was a revised, enlarged, and translated version of his 1975 French book, Les Objects Fractals: Forme, Hasard et Dimension. The books together comprise one of the ten most influential scientific essays of the 20th century (American Scientist magazine, 1999).

The impact and persuasiveness of these three books in the scientific community were significantly enhanced using mathematically accurate, computer-drawn illustrations created by programmers working with Mandelbrot, primarily at IBM Research. Early drawings were low-resolution black and white; later drawings were higher resolution and in color, corresponding to the nascent and then quickly evolving computer graphic machinery of the times.

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