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The Freezing Fog was a Hard Rock band from Manchester, UK.


  • James Longsden - Vocals
  • Liam Stewart - Guitars
  • Edward Godby - Guitars & backing vocals
  • David Hopkinson - Bass Guitar
  • Todd Staszko - Drums & Percussion


The band formed in March 2006, and has since released a number of records, including the Solarperplexus 7" single, the debut album, March Forth To Victory (recorded by Kurt Ballou), and a split 12" EP entitled Manafog, featuring fellow UK underground band, Manatees.

Releases have come about with the assistance of a number of independent labels, including Calculated Risk Records, Roadkill Records, Dental Records and, most recently, Eyes Of Sound records, the band's current label.

The band's debut LP, March Forth to Victory,' was released through Roadkill Records in August 2007, to rave reviews across the board from the UK alternative music press. Kerrang Magazine[1] dubbed The Freezing Fog, 'a joyously retro heavy metal band,' whilst Rock Sound Magazine[2] classed the record as, 'superb heavy rock with an unmistakably British flavour.'

The Freezing Fog is the eponymous second album by the band, and was released through Eyes of Sound Records on 26 January 2009.[3]

On Easter Weekend 2009 the band recorded three tracks at Foel Studio in Welshpool, Wales which was self-released on a limited screen printed CD package in January 2010.

On 8 February 2010 it was decided by mutual decision for The Freezing Fog to split.


  • Solarperplexus - Calculated Risk Products - 2006
  • March Forth To Victory - Roadkill Records - 2007
  • Manafog - Roadkill Records - 2008
  • March Forth To Victory (Worldwide re-release) - 2008 - Dental Records
  • The Freezing Fog - Eyes of Sound - Release Date 26 January 2009
  • The Freezing Fog (limited LP version on vinyl.) - For Those Who Love... Records - Release Date 26 January 2009
  • Challenger (limited edition 3 track EP on cd) - 2010 (self released)


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