The Frightening

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The Frightening
Directed by David Decoteau
Produced by David DeCoteau
Michael Catalano
David Silberg
(executive producers)
Michael C. Cuddy
(line producer)
Written by Matthew Jason Walsh
Starring Matthew Twining (as Matt Twining)
James E. Foley (as James Foley)
Jack Carlisle III
Mark Ian Miller (as Mark Miller)
Greg Lyczkowski
Derek Phipps
Tanya Dempsey
Robert Donavan
Scott Clark
Keary Ann Bixby
Kyle Lupo (as Kyle Patrick)
Kara Schaaf
Dan Carlson
Charity Rahmer
Elizabeth Bruderman
Brinke Stevens
Trevor Harris
Patrick Brown
Jennifer Capo
Jason Davis
Dreau Robbins
Edward Antonino
Luke Hubbard
Jimmy Scherrer
Distributed by Amsell Entertainment
DEJ Productions
Release date
  • 2002 (2002)
Running time
85 min.
Language English

The Frightening is a 2002 horror film directed by David DeCoteau.

Plot summary[edit]

It's Corey Peterson's first day at Hallow End High School (nicknamed Halloween High). He had moved to this small town with his mother due to a traumatic incident in his past. During his first day, he is approached by a fellow new arrival named Mason. His new friend warns Corey that a friend of Mason's, who had attended the school, has died.

Mason warns Corey to stay away from the wrestler Perry and the people who follow him. After two students vanish, Corey attempts to consult with the principal, but gets nowhere. Corey and Mason then team up to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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