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The Frst

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The Frst (pronounced “first”) is an American indie rock musical project founded by singer and guitarist Mikei Gray in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Frst
OriginNashville, Tennessee
Genresindie rock
Years active2017-present
MembersMikei Gray
Past membersAndrew Leahey, Nathan Cogan, Jeff Hutchins

in 2017.[1][2] The project’s contributors consist of Gray and a rotating lineup of guest musicians, which has included Andrew Leahey, Taking Back Sunday’s touring musician Nathan Cogan, and Insane Clown Posse’s touring musician Jeff Hutchins.[2][3][4]

Their best known song is “Tarantino” which reached #78 on the iTunes Top 100 Rock Chart[1] and #1 at KXFM.[5] They had two other songs on SoundCloud USA Rock charts: "Ammo” which reached #1 and “Seven Eleven” which reached #2.[6]



Before forming The Frst, Gray had worked as a touring musician for artists such as Sublime with Rome, Village People, Florida Georgia Line, and Portugal. The Man,[3][2] playing in venues such as the Vans Warped Tour and the Grand Ole Opry.[7] Gray founded The Frst in 2017, changing the spelling of the project’s name to reflect its collaborative nature and changing lineup.[8][5][9]

The Frst released its debut single, “Another One” in 2018.[10][11]

In 2019, the project also released several singles, including “Cycles,”[12] “Seven Eleven,”[13] “Rules,”[8] and  “Ammo.”[3] “Seven Eleven” reached #2 on the SoundCloud USA Rock chart and was also featured on Loudwire’s Weekly Wire.[14] "Ammo” reached #1 on the SoundCloud USA Rock chart.[15][16]

The Frst also released the singles “Pawn Shop,”[17][18]  “Simulation,”[19] and “Tarantino”[20] in 2020. “Tarantino” reached #78 on the iTunes Top 100 Rock Chart[1] and #1 at KXFM.[9] “Simulation” was released alongside the augmented reality phone app called “The Frst,” which allowed users to scan The Frst’s logo for behind-the-scenes content.[21][19]

In August 2020, The Frst released its debut album, Prelude.[14] Gray wrote and performed seven of the ten songs on Prelude by himself.[7] The Frst also released the single “Duh'' concurrently with the album, which reached #3 on the SoundCloud USA Rock Chart.[14]

After the release of Prelude, The Frst released the single “This Is Me Now” in 2021, which featured Universal-Island artist Kid Brunswick.[22][2] It was the second collaboration between Gray and Brunswick, the first being on Brunswick’s song “Bipolar Rhapsody.”[22]

In summer of the same year, The Frst also released the single “Small Talk.”[23][24] Gray played on more than 130 instrumental and vocal tracks within the song.[11]

The Frst has worked with mixing and mastering engineers such as Steve Hardy, James Paul Wisner, and Andy VanDette.[7][3][5]

In January 2022, The Frst released a single with InVogue Records artist Dead Bundy, called “Pop Punk Song.”[5][4][9]

In July 23, 2022, The Frst release a new single called Geronimo.[25] The track features Just a Ride & Solcura.[26]



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