The Fugitive (season 4)

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The Fugitive (season 4)
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes30
Original networkABC
Original releaseSeptember 13, 1966 (1966-09-13) –
August 29, 1967 (1967-08-29)
Season chronology
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List of The Fugitive episodes

The fourth and final season of The Fugitive was filmed in color, and was originally aired Tuesdays at 10:00-11:00 pm on ABC from September 13, 1966 to August 29, 1967.[1][2] The season was released through two volumes on Region 1 DVDs, with Volume 1 (containing the first 15 episodes) released on November 2, 2010 and Volume 2 released on February 15, 2011.

At the time of its initial airing, "The Judgment: Part 2" was the highest-rated episode of a TV series until the record was surpassed by the Dallas episode "Who Done It" thirteen years later. This same episode also surpassed the national viewership record set by the historic first appearance of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show three years earlier, with an estimated 78 million viewers.[3] This was then broken by the Roots episode "Part VIII" in 1977.


No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
911"The Last Oasis"Gerald MayerBarry OringerSeptember 13, 1966 (1966-09-13)4751

Shot during a police chase, Kimble seeks refuge at an orphanage near a Navajo Indian reservation in Puma County, Arizona. Annie Johnson removes the bullet and offers Kimble work as a teacher. The local sheriff, Prycer, believes that Kimble has escaped, but his deputy, Steel, believes him to still be in the area and suspects Annie of sheltering the fugitive.

Guest Stars: Hope Lange as Annie Johnson, Mark Richman as Deputy Steel, and Arch Johnson as Sheriff Prycer.
922"Death is the Door Prize"Don MedfordOliver CrawfordSeptember 20, 1966 (1966-09-20)4753

Kimble believes he sees the one-arm man entering an audio visual trade show at a courtyard-style hotel (filmed on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles) in an undisclosed city. After he runs into a guest and accidentally takes her wallet, on-site security mistakes him for a pickpocket and gives chase. Thinking they know he's an escaped convict, Kimble tries to jump a fence, but is caught by a guard and has to punch him to get away. A saleswoman at an exhibit (a videotape recorder-camera combination; very advanced for the time), hides Kimble in her room. To complicate things, Kimble's visit was caught, for an instant, on videotape. It is seen by a security guard, an ex-cop who shot a young burglar and now desperately needs Kimble to act as a witness in an inquest to prove that he fired in self-defense. The guard confirms Kimble is a fugitive but promises to let him go.

Guest Stars: Ossie Davis as Johnny Gaines, Lois Nettleton as Marica Stone, Bill Erwin as an extra.
933"A Clean and Quiet Town"Mark RydellHoward BrowneSeptember 27, 1966 (1966-09-27)4754

While searching for the one-armed man, Kimble makes the mistake of going to Clark City, Nevada, a corrupt gambling town. Fred Johnson, the one-armed man, works there as a numbers runner under the alias Steve Cramer, and hires two cops to attack Kimble. He survives but Johnson puts out a contract on him. Kimble is nursed back to health by Cora, a prostitute (after she first tries stealing his wallet). She tells Kimble that the entire town is under the control of mob underboss Oliver Enright, to whom Kimble goes to ask for protection from the dirty cops. Johnson then forces Cora to lead Kimble to an alley ambush, but Johnson is beaten senseless by Kimble and dragged to the police, Kimble turning himself in. Unfortunately, the mob-connected cops take Kimble and Johnson directly to Enright. They are brought to the elderly and invalid Mafia boss Victor Luchek, who must decide what to do with the two fugitives in his town.

Guest Stars: Michael Strong as Oliver Enright, Carol Rossen as Cora, Eduardo Ciannelli as Victor Luchek, Bill Raisch as Steve Cramer/Fred Johnson.
944"The Sharp Edge of Chivalry"Gerald MayerSam RossOctober 4, 1966 (1966-10-04)4757

Kimble is working as an apartment janitor in a down metropolitan city. Roger Roland, a neighbor, murders a woman in the building where Kimble lives by bludgeoning her to death with a marble statue after she refuses his advances. After a tenant reports seeing a figure run from the murder victim's apartment, the police arrive and suspect Kimble despite his alibi. Meanwhile, Gerard arrives at the building to resume his personal search for Kimble.
Guest Stars: Robert Drivas as Roger, Eduard Franz as Edward Roland, Madlyn Rhue as Liz Roland, Ellen Corby as Mrs. Murdock.

Barry Morse appears in this episode.
955"Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver"James NeilsonTeleplay: E. Arthur Kean and Wilton Schiller
Story: E. Arthur Kean
October 11, 1966 (1966-10-11)4759

Kimble finds work on Jake Lawrence's farm where he develops a special friendship with Jake's autistic daughter, Cathy. Kimble becomes nervous when a sheriff, Mel Bailey, begins searching for Joe Burmas, a convicted murderer who escaped from prison a few weeks before. Meanwhile, back in Stafford, Gerard is confronting the editor of the local newspaper who self-servingly has established a $10,000 reward for Kimble's capture—and Gerard later learns that someone has responded. Gerard arrives at Jake's farm, where Burmas shows up and takes Cathy hostage, leaving Kimble having to rescue Cathy and escape from Gerard at the same time.
Guest Stars: June Harding as Cathy, Lin McCarthy as Jake, Joe Maross as Bailey, Paul Mantee as Burmas, Simon Scott as Martin Pierce

Barry Morse appears in this episode.
966"Joshua's Kingdom"Gerd OswaldLee LoebOctober 18, 1966 (1966-10-18)4756

While working as a veterinarian assistant in rural Utah, Kimble becomes acquainted with Ruth Simmons, an unwed teenage mother with a sickly infant. She is being harassed by a would-be deputy, Pete Edwards. Her father, Joshua, is a Christian Scientist whose religion prohibits the use of medicine for any ailment, but he is also driven by bitterness that his daughter's out-of-wedlock birth has shamed him. Kimble brings antibiotics, but Joshua destroys the drugs. After determining that the baby is anemic, Kimble secretly arranges for a blood transfusion. He learns Ruth was to marry a soldier who died in a bus accident. Joshua holds Kimble at gunpoint, but when the baby loses consciousness, Kimble revives him. Joshua, shamed by his attitude, must act when Edwards arrives to arrest Kimble with the aid of two bloodhound dogs.

Guest Stars: Kim Darby as Ruth, Tom Skerritt as Edwards, Harry Townes as Joshua.
977"Second Sight"Robert DouglasDaniel B. UllmanOctober 25, 1966 (1966-10-25)4752

Now employed by a film supply store as a photo developer, Kimble spots Fred Johnson, the one-armed man, in a photo. After tracking down Howie Keever, a freelance photographer who took the picture, Kimble learns that Johnson works at a nearby chemical warehouse. Kimble goes there and surprises Johnson. During a scuffle, Johnson accidentally ignites some chemicals, creating an explosion which leaves him badly injured and Kimble blinded by the flash. Johnson manages to escape and once again reports Kimble to the police. Kimble must find a way back to Howie's apartment for safety, but Howie and his uncle learn about the $10,000 reward on Kimble and call the police.

Guest Stars: Tim Considine as Howie, Ned Glass as Albert, Ted Knight as Dr. Rains.
Bill Raisch appears in this episode.
988"Wine Is a Traitor"Gerd OswaldHoward DimsdaleNovember 1, 1966 (1966-11-01)4760

Carl Crandall is the wealthy and spoiled son of California winery owner Pete Crandall. Carl stops a labor strike by killing the union leader and framing Morales, another worker. Kimble happens by and witnesses Carl run from the scene of the crime, but he is unable to tell anyone. Kimble tries to write an anonymous letter to the District Attorney, but Carl's goons confiscate the letter. While Kimble tries to persuade Morales' wife, Elena, to help him report Carl to clear her husband, Pete suspects Carl of the murder. He sends his two right-hand men to keep an eye on Carl, but the men side with Carl, who orders them to murder Kimble.

Guest Stars: Roy Thinnes as Carl, James Gregory as Pete, Pilar Seurat as Elena.
999"Approach with Care"William HaleLee LoebNovember 15, 1966 (1966-11-15)4761

Kimble meets Willie Turner, an intellectually disabled young man who is accused of hurting a child. Kimble reluctantly hides Willie at a carnival where Kimble currently works. Kimble tries to persuade Willie to return to the hospital where his sister had him committed, but when the police discover Kimble, he is forced to run and Willie decides to tag along with him.

Guest Stars: Dabney Coleman as Edwards, Michael Conrad as Hogan, Collin Wilcox as Mary, Denny Miller as Willie.
10010"Nobody Loses All the Time"Lawrence DobkinE. Arthur KeanNovember 22, 1966 (1966-11-22)4758

After Kimble spots Fred Johnson at the scene of a fire, he gives chase, but stops to help a woman, Maggie Tibbett (guest star Barbara Baxley) who has been hit by a vehicle. After Kimble helps her get to a hospital, he discovers that she is Johnson's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Johnson has contacted her and told her to contact the police.

Barry Morse and Bill Raisch appear in this episode.
10111"Right in the Middle of the Season"Christian NybySam RossNovember 29, 1966 (1966-11-29)4763

While working as a fishing crewman, Kimble becomes embroiled in a union strike organized by Joe Donovan, the son of Kimble's employer, Tony Donovan. During a rally, Kimble, Tony and a few others are arrested. After being released, Kimble tries to leave town before his secret will be revealed. Tony offers to take Kimble to Mexico if the fugitive helps him on his next fishing trip. But Joe sees Tony smuggle Kimble aboard their boat and calls the police.

Guest Stars: James Callahan as Joe, Dean Jagger as Tony.
10212"The Devil's Disciples"Jud TaylorTeleplay: Jeri Emmett and Steven W. Carabatsos
Story: Robert Dillon and Steven W. Carabatsos
December 6, 1966 (1966-12-06)4762

While fleeing from a sheriff's dragnet, Kimble is rescued by a dangerous motorcycle gang called the Devil's Disciples, led by the brutal Hutch. As payback, Hutch wants Kimble's help in avenging the death of a former gang member who robbed a gas station. His father had turned him in, and as part of his sentence, he was drafted and sent to Vietnam, where he was killed in action. When Kimble notices that the gang is not completely unified, he seeks help from Don, one of the members, and girlfriend Patty to help him escape so he can warn the police to prevent the killing of the deceased gang member's father.

Guest Stars: Bruce Dern as Hutch, Lou Antonio as Don, Diana Hyland as Patty.
10313"The Blessings of Liberty"Joseph PevneyDaniel B. UllmanDecember 20, 1966 (1966-12-20)4755

Kimble finds work at an upholstery store, which the police are staking in their search for Bowen, an escaped killer. Kimble becomes acquainted with one worker, a Hungarian immigrant named Josef Karac, who is actually a doctor wanted by the police for an abortion Hungarian authorities believe he performed years earlier. The police come to Karac's apartment where his wife, daughter, and nephew live, while police officer Jim Macklin goes undercover as a worker at the shop where Bowen was last seen. But Bowen soon returns and takes the Karac family hostage and vows to do anything to escape from the police even if it means killing again.

Guest Stars: Tony Musante as Bowen, Ludwig Donath as Karac, Noam Pitlik as Macklin.
10414"The Evil Men Do"Jesse HibbsWalter BroughDecember 27, 1966 (1966-12-27)4767

Kimble works on the ranch of Arthur Brame, unaware that Brame is a retired Mob hitman. When a horse breaks loose and nearly tramples Arthur, Kimble saves his boss' life, and the ranch owner is determined to repay the debt to Kimble. When Brame learns that Lt. Gerard is looking for Kimble, he arranges to steer Gerard into a trap at a warehouse he owns, but Kimble and Arthur's wife Sharon race to stop him.
Guest Stars: James Daly as Brame, Elizabeth Allen as Sharon.

Barry Morse appears in this episode.
10515"Run the Man Down"James SheldonTeleplay: Barry Oringer
Story: Fred Freiberger
January 3, 1967 (1967-01-03)4764

While escaping from the police hunting him in the wilderness of Southern California, Kimble meets a wounded criminal who demands that he take him to a rendezvous point in an isolated cabin a few miles away. They reach it only to find it occupied by a woman called Laura Craig. They are joined by the criminal's three accomplices the next day. A tense hostage situation develops when the local sheriff also arrives to look for Kimble.

Guest Stars: James Broderick as Owen Tripp, Ed Asner as Joe Bantam, Georgann Johnson as Laura.
10616"The Other Side of the Coin"Lewis AllenSam RossJanuary 10, 1967 (1967-01-10)4766

Now a clerk in a small grocery in Ocean Grove, California, Kimble witnesses the conflict between a co-worker, Larry Corby, and his father, Ben, who's the town's sheriff. Larry has plans he has not told his father, and their relationship is about to change dramatically. Ben refuses to support Larry and his pregnant girlfriend, so the teenager robs the store where Kimble works, but gets shot by Ben during the getaway. After seeing that he shot his own son, Ben captures Kimble and offers to set him free if Kimble gives the boy medical attention.

Guest Stars: Beau Bridges as Larry Corby, Joseph Campanella as Ben Corby.
10717"The One That Got Away"Leo PennPhilip Saltzman and Harry KronmanJanuary 17, 1967 (1967-01-17)4765

Ralph Schuyler is a government agent who goes undercover as a boat captain to spy on Felice Greer, the wife of an international embezzler hiding out in Mexico. Kimble is on that boat as a hired deck hand. Ralph learns that Kimble's identity is false, then takes Kimble's fingerprints. After an emergency landing, the agent leaves the fingerprints with a local Mexican shopkeeper and notifies the authorities of Felice's whereabouts.

Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Schuyler, Anne Francis as Felice, Charles Drake as Oliver Greer.
10818"Concrete Evidence"Murray GoldenTeleplay: Jeri Emmett and Jack Turley
Story: Jack Turley
January 24, 1967 (1967-01-24)4769

Kimble, a construction worker in Nebraska, is recognized by the building contractor, Alex "Pat" Patton, who once built a theater in his hometown, only to have a wall collapse due to faulty construction and killed three children. Although exonerated of manslaughter charges, the townspeople have been irate with Patton ever since. Kimble is recognized by Pat from a wanted poster in his office. He privately tells Kimble that he has one month to live because he's dying from a congenital heart condition. Pat wants Kimble to keep him alive long enough to finish the motel he is working on; if Kimble refuses or flees, Pat will turn him in to the authorities.

Guest Stars: Celeste Holm as Pearl Saunders, Jack Warden as Patton, Harold Gould as Tom Crailer.
10919"The Breaking of the Habit"John Meredyth LucasJohn Meredyth LucasJanuary 31, 1967 (1967-01-31)4768

After fleeing a police roadblock where he gets shot in the leg, Kimble hops on a truck headed toward Sacramento. He once again meets up with Sister Veronica (from the two-part episode Angels Travel On Lonely Roads of Season 1), who is now the principal of the St. Mary Magdalene School for girls. Kimble asks the nun to drive him to Tarlton, where the one-armed man supposedly works. Sister Veronica, who is suffering from a brain tumor, learns that a delinquent student has run away and is torn between driving after the girl or staying to help Kimble. Things get more complicated when Marie, a "bad girl" student, sees Kimble and calls the police.

Guest Stars: Eileen Heckart as Sister Veronica, Antoinette Bower as Sister Angelica, Heather North as Marie Dormond.
11020"There Goes the Ball Game"Gerald MayerOliver CrawfordFebruary 7, 1967 (1967-02-07)4770

At a minor league baseball game, Kimble unwittingly witnesses a man walk away with a woman. Andy Newmark, the woman's father, summons Kimble, claiming the woman is his daughter and she has been kidnapped. Her abductors want a $200,000 ransom. When word leaks out, reporters surround the Newmark household and Kimble is unable to slip away. The kidnappers, a former baseball player and a friend, realize that Kimble witnessed them, so they plot to have Kimble deliver the ransom money so they can kill him.

Guest Stars: Martin Balsam as Newmark, Susan Seaforth Hayes as Vicki Walton, Gabriel Dell as the former baseball player, Lynda Day George (as Lynda Day before her marriage to Christopher George) as Newmark's daughter.
11121"The Ivy Maze"John Meredyth LucasEdward HumeFebruary 21, 1967 (1967-02-21)4771

Fritz Simpson is a college professor doing research on sleep deprivation; he is also a close friend of Kimble as he, Richard, wife-to-be Helen, and Fritz's wife Caroline were college pals. One of his patients is the one-armed man, Fred Johnson, who works as a grounds keeper at Wellington College under the alias Carl Stoker. Fritz contacts Kimble, who verifies that it is indeed Johnson. Fritz arranges for Stoker/Johnson to participate in his dream withdrawal experiments to try and extract a confession from him. Caroline, however, sees Kimble and calls Lt. Gerard, still bitter because as youths Fritz had loved Helen before her. Fritz and Kimble finally draw a recorded confession from Johnson -- until Gerard bursts into the experiment and a three-way chase ensues.
Guest Stars: William Windom as Fritz, Geraldine Brooks as Caroline, and Jill Janssen (David Janssen's sister) as a student.

Barry Morse and Bill Raisch appear in this episode.
11222"Goodbye My Love"Lewis AllenLee LoebFebruary 28, 1967 (1967-02-28)4772

Kimble becomes romantically involved with former recording star Gayle Martin, unaware that she knows his secret and the $10,000 reward for his capture. Gayle and her other lover, Alan Bartlet, are plotting to kill Alan's wealthy wife Norma, a former golf pro now confined to a wheelchair, and put the blame on Kimble so they can capture him and collect the reward money, as well as Norma's vast wealth.

Guest Stars: Jack Lord as Alan Bartlet, Marlyn Mason as Gayle Martin, Patricia Smith as Norma.
11323"Passage to Helena"Richard BenedictBarry OringerMarch 7, 1967 (1967-03-07)4773

After being arrested in a small Montana town for a minor loitering charge and resisting arrest, Kimble is put in jail next to a suspect in a race-related killing. The black deputy becomes determined to transport Kimble and the racist murderer to the state capital for arraignment, but they are ambushed by the killer's accomplices and are now forced to travel on foot through hostile territory.

Guest Stars: James Farentino as Rafe Carter, Percy Rodriguez as Emery Dalton.
11424"The Savage Street"Gerald MayerTeleplay: Jeri Emmett and Mario Alcalde
Story: Mario Alcalde
March 14, 1967 (1967-03-14)4774

Kimble is working at a cigar-making store owned by Jose Anza and becomes close friends with his son, Jimmy, who is threatened by three bullies. Kimble is shot in the leg after the police discover him, so Jimmy hides him from both his father and his uncle Miguel, a police officer determined to capture the fugitive.

Guest Stars: Gilbert Roland as Jose Anza, Michael Ansara as Mike Anza, Tom Nardini as Jimmy Anza.
11525"Death of a Very Small Killer"John Meredyth LucasBarry OringerMarch 21, 1967 (1967-03-21)4775

Fleeing to Mexico, Kimble contracts pneumonia. He seeks refuge at a local hospital where he is recognized by Dr. Howell, an American who is conducting research on meningitis. After Kimble recovers, Dr. Howell blackmails him into assisting with his research in exchange for protection from the local police. While working with Howell's assistant, Reina Morales, Kimble soon discovers that several of the patients are being unwittingly infected and sacrificed for Howell's research purposes. Meanwhile, a persistent Mexican police sergeant, Rodriguez, begins investigating Kimble's true identity.

Guest Stars: Arthur Hill as Dr. Howell, Carol Lawrence as Reina, Carlos Romero as Sgt. Rodriguez.
11626"Dossier on a Diplomat"Gerald MayerTeleplay: J. T. Gallard and Jeri Emmett
Story: J. T. Gallard
March 28, 1967 (1967-03-28)4776

Kimble travels to Washington, D.C. to meet lawyer Frank Hobart, who wrote a book titled Unjustly Convicted, which states that Kimble was convicted without the benefit of a fair trial due to the media circus influencing the judge and jury. Kimble wants Hobart to represent him while the lawyer tries to persuade the courts to re-open the Kimble murder case. Afterwards, Kimble finds himself tending to Unawa, an African ambassador who suddenly collapses in the street. The grateful ambassador shelters Kimble at his embassy, despite protests from the ambassador's bossy and shrewd wife, Davala, who learns Kimble's identity. Unawa believes in Kimble's innocence, but the spiteful Davala does not. She contacts Gerard and the local police who surround the building, but cannot enter it due to the embassy being a part of foreign soil. Unawa falls into a coma after revealing to Kimble that he is dying from a brain tumor. Davala takes advantage of this to relocate the embassy so the police can move in and arrest Kimble.

Guest Stars: Diana Sands as Davala Unawa, Diana Hyland as Alison Priestley, Ivan Dixon as Ambassador Unawa, Lloyd Gough as Frank Hobart.
Barry Morse appears in this episode.
11727"The Walls of Night"John Meredyth LucasLawrence L. GoldmanApril 4, 1967 (1967-04-04)4777

Kimble, working as a truck driver out of Portland, Oregon, becomes romantically involved with radio dispatcher Barbara Wells, unaware that she is a convicted embezzler on loan through the state prison's work-release program. Distraught after her parole is denied for another six months, Barbara flees to Seattle. She finds where Kimble is staying and wants to go to Canada with him. When Kimble learns the truth, he decides to take her back, despite knowing the police are looking for her... and him as well.

Guest Stars: Janice Rule as Barbara Wells, Steve Ihnat as Art Meredith, Tige Andrews as Buck Leonard, Sheree North as Willy. * Note: This episode ends with Kimble walking past "Del Floria's Tailor Shop", the entrance to U.N.C.L.E. headquarters on The Man From U.N.C.L.E..
11828"The Shattered Silence"Barry MorseTeleplay: Barry Oringer
Story: Ralph Goodman
April 11, 1967 (1967-04-11)4778

In the hills of Oregon, a young sculptor named Andrea hides Kimble from a deputy named Howe. When the lawman finds him, Kimble retreats deeper into the mountain, taking refuge in the home of hermit John Mallory, a former scholar who cut himself off from civilization 14 years earlier, and his only companions who are two vicious German Shepherd dogs. Despite being aware that Kimble is a fugitive, the hermit Mallory takes a liking to Kimble and forbids him to leave. Kimble is compelled to help the ailing Mallory as the deputy closes in on their location.

Guest Stars: Laurence Naismith as Mallory, Antoinette Bower as Andrea, Paul Mantee as Deputy Howe, Dabbs Greer as Jensen.
11929"The Judgment: Part 1"Don MedfordGeorge Eckstein and Michael ZagorAugust 22, 1967 (1967-08-22)4779

The one-armed man, Fred Johnson, has been arrested in Los Angeles for a minor crime, which Kimble spots in a newspaper story while working as a truck maintenance man in Arizona. Gerard tries to use this to lure Kimble out into the open. Arriving in Los Angeles to be sheltered by an old family acquaintance, stenographer Jean Carlisle, Kimble needs to verify that Johnson is the man he is looking for, but someone wires a bail bondsman money to bail Johnson out. Kimble and Jean find the bail bondsman dead, after the bondsman tried to convince Johnson to be part of a blackmail scheme. Kimble goes through documents and is shocked to see who sent the money. He intends to confront this person; at the same time, Kimble and Jean begin to acknowledge feelings for each other. As Kimble prepares to leave, Gerard catches him and takes him into custody. Johnson hops on a train while Kimble and Gerard make their way back home to Stafford, Indiana.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Jean Carlisle, Joseph Campanella as Captain Lee, Michael Constantine as Arthur Howe, Jacqueline Scott as Donna Taft, Richard Anderson as Leonard Taft.

Barry Morse and Bill Raisch appear in this episode.
12030"The Judgment: Part 2"Don MedfordGeorge Eckstein and Michael ZagorAugust 29, 1967 (1967-08-29)4780

Kimble and Gerard are on a train heading to their Indiana hometown, the chase over at last. Kimble reveals that the person who sent Johnson's bail money merely used the name of Leonard Taft, his brother-in-law. Gerard gives Kimble 24 hours to verify the one-armed man in Stafford. Johnson calls the Tafts, demanding that they meet with him; they dismiss it as a prank call, but neighbor and Stafford planning commissioner Lloyd Chandler goes to the meeting. Kimble and Gerard find tell-tale evidence of Johnson's presence, and Jean arrives at the Tafts reuniting with Kimble. Chandler holds the key to unlocking the events of "the day the running stopped" as viewers---by way of Chandler unburdening himself to his ailing wife---are taken back to what really happened on the night Kimble's wife was murdered. Mrs. Chandler tells Kimble and Gerard the story, and they catch up to Johnson at a deserted amusement park, where Chandler plans to kill Johnson in order to keep the secret that holds the key.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Jean Carlisle, J.D. Cannon as Lloyd Chandler, Louise Latham as Betsy Chandler, Diane Brewster (uncredited) as Helen Kimble, Jacqueline Scott as Donna Taft, Richard Anderson as Leonard Taft.
Barry Morse as Lt. Gerard, Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson.

Note – In 1997 TV Guide ranked this episode number 23 on its "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" list.[4] In 2009, it moved to #16.[5]


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