The Fun Girls

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The Fun Girls
"Daphne and Skippy"
The Andy Griffith Show character
Skippy and Daphne The Fun Girls Andy Griffith Show Autographed Cropped II.jpg
"The Fun Girls", (left to right) Daphne portrayed by Jean Carson and Skippy by Joyce Jameson
First appearance"Barney Mends a Broken Heart" (1962)
Last appearance"The Arrest of the Fun Girls" (1965)
Portrayed bySkippy by Joyce Jameson and Daphne by Jean Carson

The Fun Girls ("Daphne and Skippy") are fictional recurring characters on The Andy Griffith Show, an American TV sitcom from the 1960s.


"The Fun Girls" (sardonically nicknamed by Thelma Lou) were a pair of fun-loving women: the giggly Skippy (played by Joyce Jameson) and the gravel-voiced Daphne (played by Jean Carson). The two hailed from Mount Pilot, the "big city" near the small town of Mayberry. They were flirtatious, they loved dancing, and their appearance in town almost always meant trouble for Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife (both of whom had steady girlfriends). Skippy was characterized by her high-pitched, grating laugh and was generally attracted to Barney (whom she incessantly called "Bernie"). Daphne was known for her throaty greeting "Hello Doll" and was attracted to Andy.

The first appearance of the Fun Girls resulted in Andy receiving a black-eye during a scuffle with Daphne's erstwhile boyfriend.

On one occasion, Andy and Barney had to cancel their dates with their girlfriends Helen Crump and Thelma Lou respectively so they could work late at the courthouse, only to be interrupted by Skippy and Daphne. Andy and Barney innocently tried to escort the two back to Mt. Pilot so they could finish their work, but were spotted in the car with them by their girlfriends. To get back at them, Helen and Thelma Lou went out with cousins Gomer and Goober Pyle, and in turn, Andy and Barney went out with the Fun Girls. By the end of the day, it was apparent that Gomer and Goober were better matches for the Fun Girls as they genuinely seemed to enjoy each other's company.

The Fun Girls made three appearances on The Andy Griffith Show from 1962 to 1965:

Ep.# Episode title Directed by Written by Airdate
69 "Barney Mends a Broken Heart" Bob Sweeney Aaron Ruben November 5, 1962
122 "Fun Girls" Coby Ruskin Aaron Ruben April 13, 1964
155 "The Arrest of the Fun Girls" Theodore J. Flicker Richard M. Powell April 5, 1965

Jean Carson also appeared in the episode "Convicts at Large", playing a man-hating, escaped prisoner convicted of spousal abuse.