The Fur Country

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The Fur Country
Fur Country (title).jpg
Title page of 1st illustrated French edition
AuthorJules Verne
Original titleLe Pays des fourrures
TranslatorN. d’Anvers
IllustratorJules Férat and
Alfred Quesnay de Beaurépaire
SeriesThe Extraordinary Voyages #10
GenreAdventure novel
PublisherPierre-Jules Hetzel
Publication date
Published in English
Media typePrint (Hardback)
Preceded byThe Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa 
Followed byAround the World in Eighty Days 

The Fur Country (French: Le Pays des fourrures) is an adventure novel by Jules Verne in The Extraordinary Voyages series, first published in 1873. The novel was serialized in Magasin d’Éducation et de Récréation from September 1872 to December 1873. The two-volume first original French edition and the first illustrated large-format edition were published in 1873. The first English translation by N. D’Anvers (pseudonym of Mrs. Arthur (Nancy) Bell)[citation needed] was also published in 1873.[citation needed]

Plot summary[edit]

In 1859 Lt. Jasper Hobson and other members of the Hudson's Bay Company travel through the Northwest Territories of Canada to Cape Bathurst on the Arctic Ocean on the mission to create a fort at 70 degrees, north of the Arctic Circle. The area they come to is very rich with wildlife and natural resources. Jasper Hobson and his party establish a fort here. At some point, an earthquake occurs, and from then on, laws of physics seem altered (a total eclipse happens to be only partial; tides are not perceived anymore). They eventually realise that they are on an iceberg separated from the sea ice that is drifting south. Hobson does a daily measurement to know the iceberg's location. The iceberg passes the Bering Strait and the iceberg (which is now much smaller, since the warmer waters have melted some parts) finally reaches a small island. A Danish whaling ship finds them. Every member in Hobson's party is rescued and they all survive.

Publication history[edit]

  • 1873, UK, London: Sampson Low, Pub date November 1873; first UK edition, translated by N. D’Anvers (Mrs. Arthur (Nancy) Bell), as The Fur Country or Seventy Degrees North Latitude
  • 1874, US, Boston: James Osgood, Pub date 1874; first United States edition
  • 1879, UK, Routledge, Pub date 1879; translation by Henry Frith
  • 1966, UK, London: Arco, Pub date 1966; abridged and edited by I.O. Evans in 2 volumes as The Sun in Eclipse and Through the Behring Strait
  • 1987, Canada, Toronto: NC Press ISBN 0-920053-82-3, Pub date October 1987; new translation by Edward Baxter
  • 2008, UK, Classic Comic Store Ltd, Classics Illustrated (JES) #41 facsimile edition (JES13027), retitled "The Floating Island"


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