The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family

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The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family
(aka Wilderness Family, Part 2)
DVD cover
Written by Arthur R. Dubs
Directed by Frank Zuniga
Starring Robert Logan
Susan Damante-Shaw
George Buck Flower
Heather Rattray
Music by Gene Kauer
Douglas M. Lackey
Country of origin U.S.
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Arthur R. Dubs
Cinematography John Hora
Running time 105 min.
Distributor Pacific International Enterprises
Original release November 15, 1978
Followed by Mountain Family Robinson

The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family (aka The Wilderness Family, Part 2) is a 1978 family movie that stars Robert Logan, George Buck Flower and Susan Damante-Shaw and is a sequel to The Adventures of the Wilderness Family. In this sequel to the first movie, Heather Rattray now plays the role of Jenny.

Barry Williams, Greg from The Brady Bunch sings some of the songs in the soundtrack of this movie.

The movie was set in Canada but filmed in Colorado.[1]

The third film in this family film series, Mountain Family Robinson, was released in 1979.


In this sequel, the Robinsons continue their relaxed life in the mountains. More adventure awaits as they prepare themselves for the upcoming fierce winter. Pat fights a bout of pneumonia as the cold weather takes hold. The wildlife continues to be menacing and dangerous at times, but most of the woodland creatures are a comfort to the Robinsons. Their courage and the will to survive, along with breathtaking surroundings, help keep the family happy in their mountain home.

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