The Fusco Brothers

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The Fusco Brothers is an American gag-a-day comic strip created by J. C. Duffy which features the four Fusco bachelors - Rolf, Lance, Al, and Lars, along with Lance’s girlfriend, Gloria, and Axel, the Fuscos' wolverine. The strip has been nationally syndicated since 1989.


  • "Come Here Often?" Bad Pickup Lines and Other Dating Atrocities from the Fusco Brothers (Paperback - Jan 2000 - ASIN B0025UMWU4)
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  • Cruel and Unusual: A Fusco Brothers Collection (Paperback - Sep 1995 - ISBN 0-8362-0421-2)
  • Newark and Reality...Together Again: A Harsh Dose of The Fusco Brothers (Paperback - Sep 1992)
  • Meet the Fusco Brothers (Paperback - Oct 1990)

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