The Fut

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The Fut
Origin London, England
Genres Psychedelic rock, roots rock, soft rock
Years active 1969 (August)
Labels Beacon
Associated acts Bee Gees, Tin Tin, The Bloomfields
Past members Maurice Gibb
Steve Groves
Steve Kipner
Billy Lawrie

The Fut was a British rock group formed in London in 1969, consisting of Maurice Gibb, Steve Groves, Steve Kipner and Billy Lawrie (the brother of singer Lulu and Gibb's brother-in-law and sometime songwriting partner).[1] Their only single was "Have You Heard the Word", released in the UK on Beacon Records.[2] This was the first time since the formation of the Bee Gees that Gibb, who was still in the group, had performed with other group without them.[3] Groves and Kipner was originally from Tin Tin.

"Have You Heard the Word" was written by Groves and Kipner, and recorded on 6 August 1969. Later in 8 August, Lawrie recorded "Super Duck", Gibb also participated on that song.



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