The Future of Work and Death

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The Future of Work and Death is a 2016 documentary by Sean Blacknell and Wayne Walsh about the growth of exponential technology.

The film showed at several film festivals including Raindance Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Academia Film Olomouc and CPH:DOX.[1][2][3]

In May 2017 it received an official screening at the European Commission.[4] It was distributed by First Run Features and Journeyman Pictures and was released on iTunes and On-demand on May 9, 2017.[5]


The documentary explores how imminent technologies could begin to significantly redefine our lives. The first part of the film focuses on how advanced automation, AI and technological singularity could be achievable in the next 30 years and how job obsolescence could consequently occur. The film then examines the possibility of extreme longevity and mind uploading and what the socio-political repercussions of these innovations could be.



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