The Futurist (Shellac album)

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The Futurist
Futurist-friends cover-big.jpg
Studio album by Shellac
Released 1997
Genre post-hardcore, post-rock, experimental
Length 27:45
Label self-released
Producer Steve Albini
Shellac chronology
At Action Park
The Futurist

The Futurist was an album issued by Shellac in 1997 to their friends only. The album was originally used as music for a performance by La La La Human Steps.[1]

Friends Only[edit]

The cover of the album contains 779 names—one for each copy of the album. At the bottom of the cover is a blank space for anyone not named on the cover to write their name. Each person who received the album got a copy with their name circled on the cover; this was done for identification of a "culprit" should the album ever end up for sale.

For reasons unknown, The Futurist was never released commercially. There is speculation that this was because Shellac were not satisfied with the finished product. A year later, Shellac released their second commercial full-length, Terraform.


The music on The Futurist is divided into ten total movements. Versions have floated around on file-sharing communities which have divided the album into five movements, and into two sides (vinyl sides A and B—Shellac are notorious vinyl purists, and The Futurist was only issued on LP).


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