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All seven Fuzzpaws.

The Fuzzpaws are a group of seven puppets which co-hosted the Treehouse programming block on YTV in the 1990s. When the block was canceled in 1998, in favor of an unhosted block called YTV Jr, the Fuzzpaws got their own show as well as their own briefly marketed toy line. All of the Fuzzpaws originate from a fictional place called "Pawville". The series was cancelled in 1999 after just 2 seasons.


  • Archie: Archie is yellow with green hair. His favorite food is a specialty dish only made by his mom called Deep Fried Fishy Face. He enjoys singing, dancing, and acting and one day would like to be a "big star"[citation needed].
  • Boon: Boon is green and yellow with yellow hair. He has a surfer-style personality He claims to live in a basement apartment, but with no house on top. He has a pet rutabaga named "Rodney". Sometimes he does "primal screams" to relieve stress[citation needed]. His hobbies include skateboarding and snowboarding. Boon plays the harmonica in a rock band named "Jungle Cow". His best friend is JB[citation needed]. Whenever his name would appear on the screen, he would put his eyes in each of the O's and shout "BOON GOGGLES!"
  • Buella: Buella looks human-like, with yellow skin, grey hair, and a hat. Buella is a "Umpaw", which are old relatives of the Fuzzpaws.
  • Fazz: Fazz is brown and pink with yellow lips, gold hair and a red bow. She is best friends with Fezz, and claims that they are absolutely in a relationship. She enjoys playing pretend, drawing, playing sports, and reading about cars and motorcycles. Someday she would like to race motorcycles.
  • Fezz: Fezz is blue and red with yellow hair and an orange beak. He is five years old, loves cookies, and his favorite music is Hip hop. He has an ambition of becoming a truck driver when he gets older[citation needed]. In Pawville he lives with Foster. His best friend is Fazz.
  • Foster: Foster is blue, yellow, and green with black hair. He says that his favorite thing in the world is music. He is the singer for an R&B band in Pawville, which makes the Fuzzpaws consider him a star. His favorite food is pizza, Hamburgers, and vegetables. He invited Fezz to live with him when he needed a place to stay[citation needed].
  • JB: JB is a yellow and black bee who wears sunglasses. He was born a normal larva to the queen bee in a normal hive, and later moved to Pawville where he built a mansion. He says that his arch rival is Boon because Boon calls him "that little bug dude"[citation needed].


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