Galaxy Invader

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Galaxy Invader
Galaxy Invader.jpg
Directed byDon Dohler
Produced byDon Dohler
Written byDon Dohler
Anne Frith (additional scenes)
David W. Donoho (additional scenes)
StarringRichard Ruxton
George Stover
Music byNorman Noplock
CinematographyPaul Loeschke
Edited byDon Dohler
Moviecraft Entertainment
Distributed byMoviecraft Entertainment
Release date
April 1985
Running time
72 min
CountryUnited States

Galaxy Invader (aka The Galaxy Invader) is a 1985 direct-to-video sci-fi film directed and co-written by Baltimore filmmaker Don Dohler.


When a glowing object, (which seems to be a meteor) careens toward the Earth, a young student who sees it, is narrowly missed as it falls into the forest ahead of him. A couple of hours later, a young couple hears a noise in their basement and go down to see what it is. They are terrified and wrestled to the ground by a green monster known as the 'Galaxy Invader'. The alien is hunted by a gang of locals intent on cashing in on the creature.


  • Richard Ruxton as Joe Montague
  • Faye Tilles as Carol Montague
  • George Stover as J.J. Montague
  • Greg Dohler as David Harmon
  • Ann Firth as Ethel Montague
  • Don Leifert as Frank Custer
  • Dick Dyszel as Dr. William Tracy
  • Theresa Harold as Vickie Johnson
  • Glenn Barnes as the alien
  • Cliff Lambert as Michael Smith
  • Jerry Schuerholz as McGregor
  • Paul Wilson as Thompson
  • David W. Donoho as Giddings (credited as David Donoho)
  • Doug Moran as Turner


Galaxy Invader did not have the usual format that Don Dohler employed in many of his B straight-to-VHS films. With a short timeline and limited budget, more emphasis was placed on characters than sci-fi special effects. The green, web-footed alien monster in the film has a superficial resemblance to the titular entity from Creature from the Black Lagoon.[1] The rubber suit and mask was also unfavourably compared to other film monsters.[2]

The film's cast, however, was part of Don Dohler's stable of friends and includes Donald Leifert and George Stover both featured in Dohler's earlier films, The Alien Factor, Fiend and Nightbeast. Richard Ruxton, another of the film's stars, would go on to star in Dohler's next film, Blood Massacre.

Galaxy Invader was shot entirely in and around Baltimore, Maryland, Dohler's hometown. In the introduction, an orchestrated background synthesizer soundtrack was used. Footage from this film was used without permission in the introductory and ending credits for the Film Ventures release of the Spanish film Pod People in 1990, which in turn was featured as an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 the following year.


In a 2011 article in The New York Times dealing with 1980s B films, "This pre-video-age late-night cable TV favorite was created (almost singlehandedly) by a fanzine editor who managed to shape his micro-budget into a special effects extravaganza. The late Don Dohler would go on to direct many straight-to-VHS films of the ’80s, including 'Galaxy Invader' and 'Blood Massacre'."[3]

In 2011, RiffTrax, consisting of MST3K alumni Michael J Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy mocked Galaxy Invader.[4]

In 2013, RedLetterMedia called Galaxy Invader "one of our favorite bad movies," praising the film's characters and comparing it favorably to Dohler's earlier film Nightbeast.[5]


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